The reason for not understanding eternity

For a proper understanding of the current state of humanity, it would be necessary to first make all people aware that the present reality is inconsistent with the original assumptions of the Creator. This requires an independent analysis of all phenomena that took place at the very beginning of human history and an answer to the question why the world was not created in accordance with the Creator's concept. As part of my system, I conducted such an analysis in the third book on essenceism, subtitled Evil is of this World. This was to understand the mechanisms of evil and make mankind aware of how Satan affects our fate. There I also described exactly who Satan is and how it came to be that we live now in the reality created by him. These descriptions concerned especially the fallen nature that he had acquired after him.

The implantation of a fallen nature in us can be compared to a programmer introducing a virus or malicious code into an information system. After that, the programmer no longer has to influence the destruction of each individual computer by himself, as it is done for him by a virus that is grafted onto the entire system. Therefore, Satan does not have to control individual people, because the fallen nature implanted by him penetrates human personalities quite thoroughly. Therefore, one should not wonder whether criminals like Hitler experienced the direct influence of "the prince of this world." Jesus Christ specified it in the case of Satan's influence over Jewish religious leaders. He just called him their father. The question, then, is whether we all have Satan as our father or just some particularly evil people. Unfortunately, it's the first. Although our original nature rebels against the spiritual fatherhood of Satan, the latter, which has fallen, makes us his subordinates. This condition was confirmed by Jesus on several occasions, calling Satan "the lord of this world".

There is no better explanation for the phenomenon that Satan and his demons have a destructive effect on people than by the mechanism of the fallen nature implanted in us. The interaction of the fallen Archangel and his fallen angels continues to shape part of our personality. We, living in specific conditions, are guided by this bad influence, transferring our state to everyday life. Hence, in a large part of people, along with good thoughts and desires, bad feelings, thoughts and desires are constantly functioning. Unfortunately, few of us correctly judge the effects of evil on ourselves. Most disregard this phenomenon, recognizing God's good influence on mankind rather. However, essenceism emphasizes that Satan, not God, is present in our world.

An important human feeling is the desire to be eternal. It results from our original nature, because the Creator wanted us to lead eternal life by His side. This was to be done on the basis of knowledge resulting from our original nature. The evil is that fallen nature holds in us knowledge that denies the existence of this eternity. This causes little awareness of our fundamental value. For this reason, we also do not have a proper understanding of the reality that comes from the Creator.





 The theory of eternal existence - (in English)