Source arguments for eternity

First, the laws of physics, astrophysics and quantum mechanics discovered by scientists, which worked in space-time from the very first moments of the cosmos' existence and still work, had to come from somewhere. The same is true for the unimaginable amount of energy released when it occurs. Therefore, the aforementioned laws and primary energy, understood as the source state of ordinary and dark energy, should exist before the universe was created. This fact raises many unanswered questions for scientists. Meanwhile, the assumption that there is a realm beyond time and space that laws and energy come from can solve this problem. Its possible existence may indicate the source state of their origin, although it eludes scientific research instruments. My system shows that the First Cause must be present in it, that is, the Creator of the universe I am looking for. So the sphere beyond time and space must be eternal like Him.

Second, following the reasoning from the previous paragraph, it can be concluded that a possible perfect, absolute and eternal Creator must be outside the space-time system of the universe. The structure of the cosmos is in the development phase, i.e. it is unstable and far from perfect. Therefore, it cannot be considered a completed form of perfect First Cause activity. Therefore, the Creator must be outside this system, that is, outside the current state of the universe, as if outside it. At the same time, the only possible "place" of existence of the Creator you are looking for should be a state beyond time and space. I have checked this possibility many times and I am sure that His existence is a fundamental necessity for everything that exists around us. This applies not only to the universe, but also to ourselves. Having no other alternative, I had to conclude that the Creator, called the Original Being in essenceism, is the one who activated the space-time structure of the universe while being outside of it. This means that He is not present in it.

Third, the fact of the eternal and infinite existence of the Original Being remains independent of scientific research and discoveries, since they concern only the space-time of the universe. Logically, it can be assumed that the Original Being had to exist forever, although we have a problem with understanding infinity, eternity and phenomena beyond time and space. In addition, as a human civilization on planet Earth, we can be completely separate from the Original Being. We are left with the results of the creative act, that is, various forms of energy and matter, and the laws related to the principles of the existence of the universe that we describe and study. Essenceism suggests that one of His works, the planet Earth, is our home, although from this point of view we are a tiny speck in the infinite cosmos.

Fourth, in the present human civilization there has been a phenomenon contrary to the Creator's concept of evil. It is a kind of anti-reality or negative singularity that cannot have anything to do with the activities of the perfect Original Being. This phenomenon could have caused imperfect human beings to form their system of "anti-law", called civilization, contrary to His conception. So, contrary to the teaching of most religious denominations, it can be said that God does not know our reality, that is, evil. Moreover, essenceism claims that it cannot know it. So, He cannot be in a structure where evil exists. Its reality, which we have not known to the main extent, is a set of laws and principles shaped for us, which essenceism called Providence. In his conception, their introduction is necessary to bring everything that he created to perfection. Without this knowledge, we feel in the dark. Therefore, my system in many places shows the content of moral laws and principles operating in the reality created by the Original Being. At the same time, essenceism suggests that our state of affairs largely prevents us from understanding His reality.

Fifth, our understanding of the Original Being is essential to restoring human civilization to the state envisioned by Him. It is a job for all mankind, not for Him. Only the action of people in the form of individual efforts of many of us, supported also by angels, can lead to the birth of the Guide of humanity, i.e. the Savior, on Earth. It is He who, having obtained the position of the Son of God, will be able to be the driving force of salvation. Humanity has already missed such an opportunity two thousand years ago in the time of Jesus Christ. This error must therefore be fixed, although it will now be more difficult than before. Essenceism sees in this task a special role of people involved in the repair of the world. It is about people who fully follow Jesus. Essenceism proposes to call them globetrotters.









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