A time to discuss phenomena

that have so far been the subject of faith

in relation to the Theory of Eternal Existence

The scientist first studies the given phenomenon. Then, putting forward a possible thesis, he presents his research possibilities. At the end, he performs the most important part of the work, i.e. he checks the research results with the truthfulness of the assumptions and theses he set for himself.

Searching for God, searching for the meaning of life or creating your own theories in the field of knowing the world beyond time and space, sometimes requires a lot of effort and resignation from current views. However, despite these difficulties, I recommend everyone to boldly renew their spiritual life. However, I advise against starting this path with chaotic criticism of the existing achievements of other people in this field. Even more, I do not recommend criticizing known religious theories or current ideologies preached by individual religious denominations and churches.

When speaking on a matter, especially concerning religion, it is good to have a kind of spiritual foundation, a kind of base on which to judge the problems encountered. Through the presentation of the essenceism system in the first part, I am trying to help everyone build such an internal foundation, which is necessary for the further development of their own views on religion. Later on, it gives the possibility of a more active presence of one's surroundings in life. Below, I will explain my intentions in these matters with specific examples.

When a car mechanic starts repairing a broken vehicle, he must have a lot of knowledge, that is, knowledge of the laws of general mechanics, knowledge of the structure and proper functioning of the mechanisms of a given car. Added to this is the necessary experience related to the repair of typical damage occurring in cars.

Similar rules apply to a doctor who starts treatment of a sick patient. Such a doctor must have an adequate level of general medical knowledge, must have sufficient knowledge of the functioning of the human body and must have some experience in treating various types of diseases.

If you want to analyze the rich experiences of mankind in areas that relate to the existence of God, the meaning of life or specific religious views, it is worth taking an example from a good car mechanic or a good doctor.

There is no doubt that our world is to a large extent sick and morally corrupted, just as a person can be sick or as an old car can be broken.

When starting to repair or renew our spiritual life, as well as to positively influence our environment, it is worth forming the basic foundation of knowledge about what we want to do and what is the purpose of our conduct. The basis of everything should be the belief that there is a First Cause, which I called the Original Being. This is the fundamental beginning of building our views. It is worth spending a lot of time visualizing God as Absolute, Eternity and Perfection. This decision should be based on the totality of mankind's achievements in both religion and science. This Initial Being must have the attributes of Intelligence, Will and Affection. This means that it should be a bit like ourselves in a state of perfection, although of course on a cosmic scale. In this concept, His Intellect means omniscience, perfection and infinity. His Will results in the creation of an ideal environment for humanity, that is, the Kingdom of Heaven as the highest good. It is also worth realizing that His Emotionality flowing from His Heart is a source of love and beauty. These qualities also help to shape our idea of ​​what an ideal world should look like for humanity. In the next step, it gives the opportunity to assess the mechanisms of evil that penetrate mankind. Practical experience, such as that of a disinterested social activist, would also be useful. Personally, I would recommend the most zealous ones to gain volunteer experience and even the knowledge and skills of a lay missionary in some social or religious organization. Perhaps then we would become in this field like an experienced mechanic or an effective doctor.

In my activity on the Internet, I most often encounter disorderly criticism from people who have nothing to offer but aversion to people with different views. I am not talking about the so-called Internet haters, because there is no discussion with them. I am talking about people who speak in the public debate, who are most often afraid to open their hearts more widely. I am also talking about staunch supporters of a certain religious denomination who, on the very basis, reject anything that does not agree with their current views. Finally, I am talking about people who proclaim great and lofty slogans, the content of which they do not really understand, because they practically do not apply the ideas they spread in their personal lives.

If you meet such people, you will probably not learn anything new, but you will only expose your nerves to unpleasant experiences.

However, just as it is worth discussing with an experienced doctor or a good car mechanic, it is also worth discussing with a person who really has something positive to say and who wants to listen to you. Therefore, one should start the discussion with the initial foundation of faith ready and a minimum knowledge base that can then be supplemented. Having such your own "backbone" is important not to be fooled or deceived by empty slogans and to always be analytical about the statements you hear.

There is a general rule that any new theory should be well tested, both your own and the foreign's. Therefore, I would suggest that everyone should create their own "analytical tools", which I can help with as much as possible through this study.

Many times in my statements I have suggested to people that they should try to find their own way to get to know God. Ideally, the path to this goal should be based on independent, logical thinking. It would also be useful to have a deep desire to know Someone who should exist somewhere out there and whom countless researchers of the Truth have been looking for before us.

Maybe it is our turn now?

Is it good to decide to independently search for the universal truth about God, man and the universe? Yes of course! Nobody should help us in this most important life task, although it is difficult to get down to it. However, I suggest once again that you first start working out your own independent concept of God, and then start comparing it with others. In this text I have shown many times how I did it myself and what the result was. I will definitely keep trying to show what can be achieved if you really want something.






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