God - Original Being

His features, attributes and qualities in relation to His activity


Definitions of the Original Being

Those which are necessary to treat God as the object of knowledge.

These terms are:

should be a Original Being,

should be the Causing First Cause,

should be an Initial Necessity,

should be the Primary Source of Everything,

should be the Absolute,

should be Perfection,

should be the Absolute Good,

it should be Infinity and Eternity.


Features of the Original Being

The theory of eternal existence accepts in its theses three basic features of the Original Being.

They are:



and Perfection.


Attributes of the Original Being

According to the theory of eternal existence, the first main attribute of the Original Being is Its Side (Inner), i.e. the Personality that is shaped by His attributes.

The second main attribute is His Praenergy, or the Energy of the First Cause, which, together with His Personality, is the "stuff" of all things.


Qualities of the Original Being

According to the theory of eternal existence, His attributes are: Will, Intelligence and Affection, which interpenetrate one another and are integrated in the Personality Center. My system calls this Center the Heart.


Activity of the Original Being

As I mentioned above, the attributes of the Original Being together with His attributes create a state that is the Center of His Personality, i.e. the Heart. Thanks to these qualities and attributes, it produces the Original Power of Love. It is a creative force. On a scientific level, it is considered a super force. It was she who started the universe with all forms of energy, matter, forces, laws of nature and living beings.

Diagram of the Force of love in the creation of the universe_Ess7















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