Man and other spiritual beings

Who are the angels in face to man?


The appearance of man meant the emergence of a completely new category in the universe.  Before his creation, there were already other spiritual beings, or angels, as well as living physical entities, that is, plants and animals.  In this text I will not write about physical entities, but I will deal with spiritual ones.

First, I would like to sort out the vocabulary regarding spiritual beings and, if possible, define some basic concepts.

At the beginning, of course, I take into account the Original Entity.

In the first chapter, entitled "Original Being", I explained exactly why I named the Creator. I avoided the notion of the Entity, but now I return to this definition to better explain the position of God towards other spiritual beings.

In the second place, I discuss the existing being, means the man whom I previously called the eternal entity. This eternity also applies to all other spiritual beings, but man is a special category of being, the closest to Heavenly Father.

The uniqueness of man results from the fact that God breathed a part of His Personality into him. It means that in the form of a spiritual person, He has transferred a part of Himself to him.  It is a sign of God's direct presence at the birth of every human being.  From this moment, the period of growth begins for him.  At the same time, for God, it is a time of waiting for a person to achieve personal perfection, which is associated with the full experience of child, marital and parental love.

Children's love is a kind of "vertical" love, because it is aimed at receiving it from the father and mother. It is best that the child continuously absorbs this love and soaks it up, because it is a necessary growth factor for the spiritual person of man. The child reciprocates this feeling, for example by joyful babbling, spontaneous joy, spontaneous play or obedience to those who have parental care.

Marital love is partner love, a kind of "horizontal" love. It is very important in the development of the spiritual person of every person, because it is the source of learning to serve the other person. It teaches the balance between subordination and domination of a partner.  It is the most absorbing period in a person's life and is to lead a spiritual person to learn the principles and laws governing the universe as fully as possible.

Parental love is again a kind of "vertical" love, the main purpose of which is to assume responsibility for another human being. For a spiritual person of any parent, this period means yet another level of development of human skills. It is about feeling towards a human part of the universe, even in a small, limited to its scope. Thanks to this, we can understand God's love for everything that he created and, as a result, become his heirs.

The three types of love described above are the three stages that lead to perfect love, which God has. In any case, the entire physical world was created precisely for the purpose that human beings, experiencing all three types of feelings on the Earth, could eventually reach the level of God's love.

Thus, the human being, as the only one in the universe, is going through a full path of development imitating the creative path of God. Man is to become a mature master of all things, an eternal being who reigns in the universe with his Father.

Next, I exchange human supporters, or spiritual entities called angels. I do not have much knowledge about the "structure" of the angelic spiritual world, so I will focus only on the basic issues. The existence of several archangels, for example Michael, Gabriel or Raphael, not forgetting about Lucifer, is described in the Bible, which I respect as an important source of knowledge. In addition to the archangels, there are a huge number of angels who are apparently indispensable to God and man.  It seems that "ordinary" angels are meant to take care of particular people, while the role of archangels is to perform various missions entrusted to them by the Creator.

We inherited from the Middle Ages a little mythological vision of the so-called heaven. Besides, in all religions there is a tendency to create a fairy-tale image of the spiritual world, which can be seen in the example of ancient Egypt, Greece or Rome. That is why Christians, in reaction to the poor Judaism in this respect, created mythology about angelic choirs, golden trumpets, on which they play for the glory of God, and the mystical circle surrounding the throne of God.  Such a vision of heaven has survived to this day, and even replaces many people with a true picture of the activities of angels. Meanwhile, in reality, they should be seen as active assistants of people in the process of achieving personal perfection. God does not really need angels to play trumpets and sing praise hymns to Him. He created them to look after His children and to communicate His Will, especially during their lifetime on Earth. I think that almost all of them are our guardians who lead us all their lives. At its end, their role is to introduce us to the spiritual world, when they can receive the name of the angels of death.  I suppose they are still the same spiritual guardians we receive from God at birth.

Angels are beings that God predestined to exist only in the spiritual world. They have the personality of a servant, knowledge resulting from the observation of the creation process of the universe and awareness open to the needs of executing commands from both the Creator and man. They also have, like us, an inner character that can be called a "spiritual soul".  In their inner character there is a considerable level of intelligence, will and affection, but it certainly does not reach the level of these attributes in man. Of course, we are talking about a man who has reached the level of personal perfection in the Kingdom of Heaven.  But their knowledge of the spiritual world is incomparably greater than the present knowledge of people.

Therefore, angels are spiritual beings who are servants of both God and man. It clearly indicates that they should serve the first people because Adam and Eve were born as children of God.  Of course, their service concerns all subsequent generations of humanity.  They play the same role in the spiritual world for man, that is, for his spiritual person, what animals and all nature on Earth have in relation to his physical person.  In the course of earthly life, angels participate in the development of human consciousness regarding the knowledge of love, beauty and good.  In the spiritual world, their mission is to serve and support the spiritual people who are there, and to be their guides throughout the universe.

An angel is, in a sense, a "poorer" version of the spiritual person, because he does not need a physical person to his existence. He is not fully a person because he has no sex, and above all, he cannot directly, like a human being, experience childhood, marital and parental love.

Comparing the location of angels and animals to people, one can say that the spiritual person of a human is a more perfect spiritual being than an angel, and his physical person is a more perfect being than an animal.

There is an even more important and more fundamental difference between people and angels.  Man is a representative of God in the universe, inheriting from him all the attributes of divinity, and above all, the highest level of love.  Meanwhile, the angel takes the position of a servant in whom love is carried out properly on the level of fidelity.

To better illustrate the difference between the position of people and angels, I compare the process of creating love and thought in a human being. Love flows from our entire being and is the maximum expression of our personality.  Meanwhile, the thought coming out of us does not require the involvement of our entire personality and is limited to the sphere of building a certain concept that serves a specific purpose. Love is the highest and the maximum fruit of human activity, while thought is the common mode of human functioning. The same principle rules the pedigree of people and angels. Man is the maximum fruit of the emotionality of God, while the angel is a being representing the narrow sphere of tasks assigned to him by the Creator. This clearly defines the roles they play in His world.

Angel reaches his level of knowledge and perfection, living only in the spiritual world, which does not give him the opportunity to go through the path of development that people go through.  Man's development, however, takes place during earthly life, and the achievement of personal perfection takes place on the basis of the intelligence, will and emotionality which he inherits from Heavenly Father. After going through a full period of development to perfection in the physical world, man is already a spiritual being with a status higher than angel in the spiritual world. He becomes God's partner.

From the above it follows that angels should look after people and protect their lives, both spiritual and physical.

Therefore, the question arises, does every man have such a watchman?

I would like it to be so, and maybe it is.  However, according to my knowledge, I cannot tell if there are so many angels, how many people there are. In addition, it would have to quantitatively arrive at the same rate at which our population arrives. There are more than seven billion people on Earth today, and this number is constantly increasing.  If it is true that all of them pass after physical death to the spiritual world, then in the form of spiritual persons there are probably over one hundred billion people and the number is constantly growing.  If everyone had their spiritual guardian, then there should be at least as many people as possible on Earth. Regardless of whether these numbers are correct or not, my goal is to show the scale of the phenomenon rather than provide accurate calculations. It must be assumed, however, that the spiritual world is governed by different laws than the physical world, and the "terrestrial" mathematics does not apply to creatures living in a sphere beyond time and space. I foresee that it is possible there to cooperate with an undefined number of angels with one man, and most importantly, the cooperation of one angel even with a very large number of people.

An angel appears with a man when he is needed, that is, when he has to fulfill a mission or help him. Very rarely, angels help our physical person, because for this they need the energy support from God necessary for "materialization".  Usually, they help our spiritual person, supporting the functions of our intelligence, will and emotionality.

The angel has no physical body, and therefore has no associated senses. In our world by himself he cannot see, he does not hear, he has no sense of taste, smell or shape. Therefore, he cannot directly feel what our senses experience.  However, by serving a man on the Earth who has a spiritual living person, he can equally use the "data" transmitted to him by a physical person who sees, hears and feels the reality that surrounds us. That is why an angel, thanks to the use of a spiritual person from the human senses, can fulfill his role as a spiritual guardian of a human being.

How can it function in a specific situation?

First of all, this angelic help must be wanted, because every man has a free will and no angel will be our guardian forcibly. Originally, man should occupy the position of the master of all things and have power over angels, so people must first wish those help. For this purpose, our "personal" guardian must be given a name to confirm the master-servant relationship established by the Creator.  Only then, using this name, you can address him with various requests, just as we turn to God. This is best done in the form of saying a specific desire or in the form of a prayer. I remember very well how my parents asked me to say: "Angel of God, my guardian dear, to whom God's love commits me here (...)" before going to sleep. Each of us has the right to give him an order while he should not order anything from a man. At most, he can warn him and try to avoid danger. It simply arouses our original nature so that we know how to proceed. The creation of good takes place in this case by the type of logical persuasion expressed by the statements of the type: if you do something, then there will be a corresponding effect.

Secondly, we must take into account the fact that angels serve us for a specific purpose.  It is the realization of God's plans for all people. From the beginning, their aim in cooperation with man was to bring about the creation of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in the spiritual world. Despite the fall of man, this goal has not changed, although we cannot achieve it yet. Therefore, all those who work for the salvation of the world should always seek spiritual support from the angels.

Third, you must know that angels were created to do good.

The wrong precedent arises when an angel leads a man to act against the Will of God. We call it temptation. This was the first time in the Garden of Eden. It may happen that a fallen angel, subject to Satan, will gain access to a man. We call him a bad ghost or a demon. Such a situation is incompatible with God's law, because every demon violates our dignity and tries to take over our power.  That's how evil arises.

In the short time of our world's existence under the authority of God, we noticed that He was using archangels and angels. The archangel has more power and knowledge than the "ordinary" angel. That is why God has just appointed an archangel to take care of His first children in the Garden of Eden. The Bible indicates that he was the wisest of all beings, and in another place he suggests his name: Lucifer. This was to be the most important educator and guardian of the first people. Others, the angels present there, supported him with their presence. When he fell, they also fell down with him, because they were directly witnesses of the whole event, and thus also his participants. In the physical world this is not a rule, but in the spiritual world presence is identified with participation. However, I will write about this problem only in one of the following chapters.

If God in His perfect world has made angels the guardians of people, then in our imperfect world their role has remained the same. This applies to all angels. Unfortunately, apart from the little visible guardians coming from God, those who are under Archangel Lucifer, that is, evil spirits, enjoy the most of this right of presence. Practically, every day, they are also hardly visible, but their adverse impact on us is much stronger than the good ones. This is due to the fact that the current civilization is not what the Creator originally intended. That is why I stress the necessity of the will of a man who can reject the influence of an evil spirit ("go away, Satan ") and ask for the support of his good guardian ("Angel of God, my guardian dear").

For a better understanding of the fact that angels communicate with humans, it is worth looking at the phenomenon of interpersonal communication.

In the world under the authority of God, the help of angels in communication between spiritual persons was to be a normal phenomenon. As I mentioned before, the Creator, by contacting Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, used the services of archangels and angels, so this communication took place both in the physical and spiritual world. For us, living on Earth, the phenomenon of interpersonal communication is understandable. People have physical senses and various technical means to communicate with each other. Meanwhile, in the spiritual world these methods do not work. Here we can see the primary role of our guardians coming from Heavenly Father. They help us to establish a permanent mental contact between ourselves and, of course, God Himself. In this way, they lead each person to achieve personal perfection. At the moment when this happens, their mission ends, and people go under the direct authority of God.

In certain situations, a spirit being, such as an angel, permanently residing in the spiritual world, can take a material form to perform activities in the physical world. It happened many times, as I wrote in previous chapters.

It is worth knowing that to enrich a spiritual being, in this case an angel, you need a huge amount of energy necessary to overcome the laws of physics. Only God has such power. Therefore, it is an action that is the absolute domain of the Creator. Without physical interaction between the Creator and the individual being, no real activity of anyone in the spiritual world can take place. The spiritual entitles and persons may have access to God's Energy only with the consent of the Creator, because they themselves have too little to become a visible person. God's original plan was that his children, after reaching maturity, would have full access to His energy.  They could then, being in the spiritual world, naturally become visible and have real contacts with people living on Earth in physical bodies.

It follows from the above that the range of "advantage" that angels have over man today comes from the fact that the work of creating the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth has not been completed. People very much did not achieve the level of personal perfection belonging to the children of God. Unlike angels, they have no access to God's energy or knowledge of the spiritual world.  In this respect, it may seem that they are lower in the hierarchy of the spiritual world. However, this is an abnormal state and the salvation of the world will restore proper proportions. In this study, I constantly pay attention to the original Creator's Will, according to which people were to occupy the highest place in the hierarchy of creation. Man was born as a child of God, his partner and heir, as well as, in a hierarchical view of the structure of all things, as his "deputy". So the criteria for bringing people to life were completely different than it was in the case of angels.

All spiritual beings live in a different reality called the spiritual world. This is described in four chapters of this study:

"Spiritual world - principles of functioning",


"Spiritual world - present state",


"Spiritual world - conflict background",


"Entrance to the spiritual world".
























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