Original Being and the state of the universe

One of the goals of essenceism is to try to understand the point of view of the Creator of the universe, that is, the Original Being. My system primarily takes into account the process of the formation of the universe. This is what my analysis is supposed to serve, which treats space-time as a "Divine concept." The first conclusion resulting from the analysis of essenceism boils down to the statement that the Creator, by creating a new cosmic reality, gave this enormous structure a purpose. He made it a place of common life and activity for the great human family. Due to the enormity of the universe, it is worth starting from our limited point of view. We should not treat the universe as a lifeless space. It is worth facing the notion that we are dealing with an unlimited space intended for a home for the Creator's children.

The second conclusion after accepting this fact is the realization that the Creator prepared the universe in such a way that people could achieve personal perfection in it. According to this concept, his children, after passing the physical life, should, in the form of a mature spiritual person, achieve full freedom of being in any chosen point of the universe. For example, they can find themselves on any planet where life is possible. There, they will be able to get to know both its inhabitants and nature, using either physicality or learning from the physical senses of people inhabiting the planet. Drawing the conclusion from this fact, it can be vividly state that our physical bodies are "grounded" on this planet on which we live, while our spiritual persons are free like birds. So our future will be about living in a state beyond time and space among billions of spiritual people. They will all be linked to the billions of people physically living on inhabited planets.

For us, locked on a tiny planet lost in the endless cosmos, such a vision is completely abstract. It exceeds the limits of our imagination, but is consistent with the sense of the creation of the universe. Let us remember that the concept of the cosmos created by the Original Being exists regardless of our will and imagination. It was established before we even came to Earth. So let's make the effort to get to know her better.

In order to make the above statements more precise, I would like to remind you that essenceism ascribes to God several basic features: absolute, eternal, perfect and good. In that case, since this is what the Original Being is, then the man created by Him is also to be eternal, perfect and good. From this it follows that also the concept of the creation of the universe is eternal and perfectly adapted to people. For those who trust the biblical records more than the logical arguments used in essenceism, I recommend the quote from the Book of Genesis. In it, His Will, which is expressed in the words "let it be so," leads to the creation of an ideal world for His children. The Creator also expresses his joy at the end of each creation day: "God saw that they were good." (Gen. 1). I will also recall other words written there: "Neither the eye has seen, nor the ear has heard, nor the heart of man has been able to comprehend what great things God has prepared." (1 Cor. 2: 9).

Now, unfortunately, we do not have a perfect world, but one day it must arise as a proper reality. This must happen if we take the perfection of the Original Being seriously. If He has made a decision, it should be so, otherwise He would not be a perfect God. So when will our planet become perfect? Surely it will sooner or later. Of course, it would be better if it happened as soon as possible. So we can be sure that it will happen someday. The Creator has prepared for us the concept of an ideal world. That is why people feel that they should live in a better world. It seems that only Satan and his demons depend on him to ensure that this evil reality lasts as long as possible. For him, every day of the fallen world is an extension of his unlawful rule over people. However, since the fallen world began against the Will of God, it will also have an end so that it will remain unchanged.

Let us assume that salvation and the return of mankind to God's sovereignty will take place in a thousand years. The history of mankind has spanned many thousands of years, so this new period of time could be significant for countless generations following each other over the millennia. However, from the perspective of the eternal history of mankind, it will only be a short episode. In fact, although human history covers only tens of thousands of years of the fallen world, for us it is the only reality we know. However, if we were to look at this time from the perspective of billions of epochs of the future good human civilization, our current history is a short moment, full of suffering and tragedy, but only an episode that will disappear in the infinite history of the universe.

The Original Being is absolute God, that is, independent of anything and no one. It is simply an "unconditional" Being. He has established His perfect laws once and for all, and He cannot change them. He cannot make new demands and conditions for His children, otherwise He would have to be an imperfect God. He is not correcting himself. In the Garden of Eden, he showed us the path to perfection which is our way of life. Then everything was prepared for man, appropriate laws and the process of development were formed in the form of His Providence. The Creator no longer needs to add, correct or change anything, because He has created the perfect concept of life for His children. Of course, he was forever left with this basic "interference" in human existence, which is our spiritual person, which we receive from Him at birth. For He wants us to be able to live forever just as He does. We, in turn, are to bring this spiritual person to perfection, that is, our inner personality. Then He will welcome us into His Kingdom.

Indeed, it may appear that God is waiting for us at the end of our journey to renew the world. However, this is not passive waiting, as it continues to actively expand the universe for us, permeating it with His principles and laws. The operation of these laws and principles is His Providence. It works constantly and is changeless. She is absolute, just like He is. Thanks to this, we always have a constant point of reference in assessing what is right and what is wrong.

















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