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I try to describe God: step 3

Atheists and theists are in dispute, whether man created God or God created man.  Some argue that humanity has invented the ideal of the Creator as modeled on his unattainable dreams of perfection and eternity. In this way, an invented model of the most perfect ideal of the human person was created. Others claim that the Heavenly Father created us according to His conception, and most religions call this act the creation of man in His image and likeness.  Both these views, however, suggest mutual interactivity and a close relationship between Him and man, of course, while maintaining the appropriate scale. I will also use these convergences to understand who God is and who man is.

First, I will define a human being as a small microcosm. Our body, composed of millions of atoms and thousands of cells, from various systems and tissues, is like a model of the entire physical cosmos; hence the concept of microcosm used above. In addition, what is the subject of investigation in this whole study, in our body there is an inner individuality, called by me a spiritual person, and often referred to as the spirit or soul of man. In fact, the spiritual person is actually a man, eternal, just like God. It fills our physical body and is present in it everywhere, in every particle of the organism, in every molecule of it. This applies to all people.


Now, let's move this model to the entire universe to better understand who God is. The entire physical structure of the universe, that is, the entire cosmos with all its material aspects and various forms of energy, observed and studied scientifically, is like the "physical side" of our Creator. At the same time, the invisible spiritual side of the universe is the state of His indirect presence in the form of His Spirit. This intermediary is made in the form of existing laws and principles permeated by his Intelligence, Will and Emotionality. This is to be understood as the fulfillment of the physical cosmos by the Personality of God. In a similar way, our spiritual person fills our body, although it has a direct character. This divine presence cannot be direct, because God is perfect and cannot be directly present in our universe. This is because the cosmos is in continuous development and is unstable, and what God is directly present in becomes perfect.

To put it even more precisely, everything that is around us in the entire cosmos extending into infinity is the actual presence of transformed Primordial Energy, or the "Outer" Creator Side. His "Inner" Side, or the Creator's Personality, fills the universe only indirectly.

Human reasoning, functioning most often in three-dimensional space, creates the vision of God as being staying somewhere in space. Our imagination is attached to "earthly" ways of imaging. In the meantime, in the case of the picture of Original Being presented by me, this vision needs to be moved beyond time and space, which requires us to open ourselves to infinity. Only then will the senses of our spiritual person show us the total omnipresence of God’s Personality. This omnipresence can be seen above all in the universality of the universal laws and principles found in all of us.  First, we see them as laws of physics, chemistry or biology, which we understand intellectually. However, our open imagination may cause us to see in them the influence of Intellect, Emotionality and Will of God, although these attributes of the Creator cannot be easily explained reasonably.

I base my claim on the observation of human personality. I sense that we have inherited in our original nature the basic attributes of the Divine Personality, it means His Intelligence, Will and Emotionality. Because of them, we have the need love, the need for knowledge and understanding of the universe, and also the need for purposefulness and sense of all actions. Only such an understanding, at least partially, will allow us to know the attributes of God, which I will define below in the form of specific principles.

At my present level of understanding God, I assume that His Personality is emerging from His Heart, which is the Center, the Source and the Cause of God's activity. In the "orbit" of this Heart, I imagine the existence of the fundamental attributes of the Creator. This means that we are dealing with the Absolute Intelligence, from which the Universe is appeared, with the Absolute Will from which the Good is derived and with the Absolute Sensitivity from which the Love originates. In the Divine Personality we are following, they reveal themselves through the action of Omniscience leading to Development, the action of Good leading to Perfection and the action of Love leading to Unity and Beauty. According to my hypothesis, which I present here, these fundamental qualities have contributed to the emergence of all rules and laws that we know in the entire universe. It must be understood, however, that all these qualities constitute a harmonized Unity. They are not separate and independent from each other inherent in the Personality of the Original Being. Such a distinction is needed only for our analytical way of thinking leading to a better understanding of the First Cause.

In order that what I have presented has practical significance, I will express the above claims in two simple conclusions: Laws and Principles existing in God are the source of laws and principles that surround us, and His Original Energy is the source of all existing forms of energy and matter.

From the dark energy and the simplest elementary particles to galaxies with the black holes, the presence of the Creator Personality in the form of His transformed Energy is spreading. At the same time, the presence of His Spirit manifests itself in the form of His Principles and Rights. No wonder that by looking at the stars over night, we sometimes feel the physical presence of God.

Christians and followers of some other religions claim that God is everywhere. This is an obvious truth, although it is good to understand the meaning and content of this statement.

I will summarize all this for a fuller understanding of my description of God.

God's physical side are actually different states of transformed primary energy, which has always existed, that is, from infinity, just like Himself. Then it transformed, according to the laws inherent in the Creator Personality, into specific forms of energy and matter, up to the present form of the universe with its galaxies, stars and other forms appearing in space. The universe, therefore, arose from God himself, from the His Energy contained in Him and from the laws ever existing in His Personality. Hence the rightness of claiming that God created the universe from Himself, and the inaccuracy of the dogma that created it from nothing.

The Spiritual Side of God is directly connected only with the sphere beyond time and space. At the same time, it indirectly permeates the entire space-time in the form of laws and principles. Therefore, only God and man can be in two realities, that is, both in space-time and in reality beyond time and space.

The personality of God is absolutely unchangeable. We will always have the same attributes of His Perfection in front of us. Everything he creates is brought to perfection and predictability. This is how the Personality of God impresses its mark on all of the universe.

I will write about His role as the Creator in the next chapter:

God as the Creator














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