The power of the Love of the Creator

Imagine there is nothing. Time does not pass because there is no time at all. There is no three-dimensional material space because it has not yet been created. There is simply no universe. There is only the Original Being that takes up all reality. His Personality and Praenergy thus create the only state of existence in a sphere that is beyond time and space. This is the starting point in my system called essenceism. It is a picture of what was before the universe was created. It is also worth imagining that this state is completely permeated with the Creative Love that is at the heart of the Original Being. This state has been going on forever, it lasts now, and it will last forever. It now surrounds the universe; and also us, humanity on Earth.

Therefore, I decided to present the first words of the Prologue of John the Evangelist a little differently. You can read it like this: “In the beginning was Love, and Love was with God and He was Love. It was with God in the very beginning. Everything happened because of It, and without It nothing happened that happened. There was life in It, and life was the light of people ”. This may be the words of the Evangelist, the great visionary of those times.

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According to essenceism, the space-time of the universe with its various forms of energy and matter emerged from the Personality of the Original Being and His Energy. It happened with the participation of the Original Force of Love. This Force, or Directed Love, is at the same time the Force of His Laws and Principles, that is, the Effective Creative Force.

Scientists called the moment the universe was created the Big Bang, or Big Bang. Even though they used a beautiful-sounding name, they still don't really understand what happened then. In fact, without taking into account the causative action of the "unscientific" transcendent First Cause, such a kind of violent event can be called an explosion. Essenceism agrees with scientists that this event was accompanied by the appearance of a huge amount of energy operating according to certain rules. It is a pity that the scientists, who are still talking about randomness and the emergence of something out of nothing, failed to take into account the important factors that were behind this event. It would be worth doing this, rather than disguising a lack of understanding as singularity. It is, for them, an infinitely small and infinitely hot point to explain that there was nothing before him. It is worth adding that in the world of science the use of the word "infinitely" means that scientists do not understand something. Perhaps this is a trick that precludes the use of unfettered imagination. Of course, it shouldn't be like that. This is where my essenceism arose. Through it, I decided to explain what my imagination and intuition brought.

Referring to the first paragraph of this chapter, I argue that the creation of the universe consisted in a gigantic release of existing pre-energy while introducing the laws accompanying this process. Essenceism tries to show that the Creator, known as the Original Being, did it. From His sphere beyond time and space, His Praenergy suddenly emerged, and at the same time His Laws appeared. It happened as a result of the operation of the Original Force of Love. So it can be agreed that the formation of the space-time in the universe was very violent. A completely new reality was created in an incredibly short time. In fact, it can be called the Big Bang.

Thus, according to essenceism, the course of the formation of the universe by the Original Being means that at one moment all energy and the accompanying laws were suddenly "pumped" into a new, emerging state of space, at the same time initiating the action of time. It is as if the entire contents of the universe's space-time were poured into the new reality through a symbolic "keyhole". Then came the formation of force fields associated with the basic interactions. They transformed energy into basic forms of matter. So elementary particles began to appear, and from them the first hydrogen atoms. All this was made possible by the aforementioned interactions, including the strong and gravitational force. They united the state of matter, giving it a state of coherence and stability. According to my system, they inherited the operation of the Original Force of Love. This Force always works in a unified and coherent manner. This was also the case in the subsequent processes of creating matter. Eventually an electromagnetic force appeared which illuminated the forming universe. It all appeared to be a well-planned course, so randomness could only be a marginal phenomenon.

According to essenceism, this rather precise sequence of events could not be a matter of chance or a phenomenon that arose out of nothing. There had to be a specific reason behind it, with Intellect, Affection, and especially Will. It is therefore about the Original Being. Here I will pay attention to His Affectionate nature and the Original Force of Love associated with it. I do this because, according to my system, she was the super force that started the formation of the universe. Thanks to this, I am trying to determine the "spiritual" cause of the creation of the universe. It was the Love of God, or rather the Original Power of Love flowing from the Heart of the Original Being. Behind this statement is the whole logic of essenceism.

Therefore, from my system it follows that the Original Being is permeated with the Original Love, that is, the Creative Energy constantly flowing out of His Heart. From time immemorial, His Love has generated the need for someone who would be its "recipient", and at the same time someone who would reciprocate this love. It's about us, it's about people. In this way, the condition existing eternally in the Personality of the Original Being is transferred to every human being, making him a being in His Image and likeness. Following the example of our Creator, everyone should be a source of love. We only need to be careful that this love is directed towards individual people, and not towards ourselves, because it creates a state contrary to the Creator's concept, i.e. good. Good from Him was to be an eternal condition destined for us.

Essenceism always claims that the ultimate cause of the operation of the Original Force of Love that created the universe is the creation of an environment in which people could come to the level of perfection belonging to beings in the Image and likeness of the Original Being. It can be said that the universe was created for people, and especially so that during their physical life they would prepare for the eternal stay with their Heavenly Father.

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