Resurrection and the Last Judgment

Analysis of the phenomena of the resurrection and the Last Judgment


The phenomenon of resurrection is often associated with the person of Jesus Christ. It is commonly claimed that Jesus rose from the grave and showed himself to His disciples for many days before His Ascension

However, the situation from 2000 years ago raises many questions. The most important of these is: why did Jesus show up only a limited number of people after death and in a very strange way? He could disappear and then appear unexpectedly, often in many places at the same time, and in addition quite distant from each other. He also penetrated the walls and doors. He could not be known to talk to people who knew Him well and who recognized him only when He wanted to. From the above, it follows that Jesus after death behaved like a typical spiritual person, which only specially trained people see, provided that he wants to be seen.  If it is different, it simply disappears from our eyes. Jesus disappeared for good only from the eyes of His disciples after a longer period, it means after 40 days. Usually a spiritual person can be seen very briefly, but Jesus had a powerful Energy from God, so He could stay with His disciples for such a long time. This is proof that He is the true Son of God and no one in human history is able to match Him. It wonders only this period of 40 days. In my study, I decided not to deal with "religious numerology" because it is manipulated by numerous religious denominations and they do it mostly for their own particular purposes. I will note only that Jesus fasted in the desert for 40 days, just before Satan surrendered him to three great temptations. As a result, He was not tempted by Satan and repaired the effects of Adam's failure in the Garden of Eden. Referring to this victory, as if He gained for himself the right to "go unpunished" as a spiritual person after the "satanic kingdom" for an identical period of forty days. However, after this period, necessary for His disciples to strengthen its faith in the reality of the resurrection, He had to enter the invisible spiritual world, which was called ascension.  This statement can be regarded as true, since Jesus entered paradise, or the spiritual world, which is completely free from the influence of Satan and remains under the authority of God.  Christians call this sphere Heaven, although this is not yet fully the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Catholic Church embraced this situation with dogma, not wanting to engage in its logical analysis. It is also caused by the fact that the body of Jesus was not found, which fosters faith in his "full" resurrection and "full" ascension. I believe that if you correctly understand the behavior of His person, there is no need to worry about the physical body of Jesus, especially since as the Son of God he continues to work from the spiritual world, showing in His example what the resurrection is about.

What would happen if archaeologists suddenly found the ashes of Jesus? I do not ask this question objectlessly because there are still attempts to identify various human remains discovered by researchers in Jerusalem, including those from the grave, which perhaps belonged to the family of Jesus. If it turned out that these are the remains of Jesus himself, such a discovery could shake all Christianity. However, one can assume that the intellectual level of modern Christians is so high that the acceptance of the resurrection as a spiritual phenomenon will not cause them a special difficulty. In addition, such a discovery would allow us to fully understand that each of us as a spiritual person continues after his physical death his life in the spiritual world.

Striving for a better understanding of the resurrection, it is worth learning about the fact that some exceptional spiritual persons can become visible in the physical world by people properly prepared for this phenomenon. It can even be said that then we are dealing with a certain type of resurrection.

The very word "resurrection" means the transition from one state to another.  Usually it refers to the phenomenon of transition from death to life. However, in certain situations, it can also mean the transition from the state of spiritual life to the physical state. In order to understand this better, it is worth investigating other processes of similar transition between different states. Creation of the world was also a transition from one state to another, which is from the state of invisible energy to visible matter. The Creator did. For many religions, this event is considered the greatest miracle in the entire history of the existence of the universe. As a result, Christians believe that God created the world out of nothing. However, God's works can be explained as processes occurring according to specific laws derived from the Creator Himself, and not necessarily using the category of a miracle. It can also be added that the divine creative process is still going on, and even has repetitive elements, as evidenced by the expansion of the cosmos. In this study, the concept of creation has just been presented.

From the point of view above, the resurrection is part of a sequence of events in accordance with the cognizable laws of God and does not have to be seen as a miracle. God's laws are consistent with each other. Especially the laws of physics, chemistry or biology should be equated with laws permeating the Energy of the First Cause and acting both in space-time and in the sphere beyond time and space. Spiritual rights can simply complement or interact with physical laws. Christ walking on the water is an example that the energy from the spiritual world enabled Him to put feet on the surface of the water, creating the appropriate surface tension. Besides, the whole Bible is full of such events that can be treated as miracles, and in fact they are phenomena of parallel introduction to the known laws of nature of spiritual laws unknown to us. Therefore, the facts of Jesus' life, including His birth and resurrection, should be interpreted in the framework of the laws set by the Creator, which it would be good to know first. After all, according to them, the creation of the universe took place and, according to them, spiritual phenomena can interact with physical phenomena. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult for us to understand and learn about such cooperation, and most often we simply do not notice it. Meanwhile, there should be nothing strange in the fact that a person equipped with Energy from the Creator performs similar activities as ordinary people, that is, walks, speaks, eats food, and even carries heavy items. Breaking the bars in the prison where St.  Paul, carrying the prophet Habakkuk by an angel in the desert or maybe even moving the stone from before the tomb of Christ testify to the physical capabilities of spiritual people. They also testify to the proper way of the resurrection of Jesus, which was the result of the action of His spiritual person. Of course, it is much harder to understand the penetration of a spiritual person through the walls, appearing to it and immediately disappearing or difficulties in identifying it, even with good knowledge of it. This was the case in the case of the resurrected Christ, because the laws of the spiritual world enabled Him to change temporarily. The energy that a spiritual person has in the physical world is under his full control. This energy can be formed according to its will, i.e. it can concentrate it in any way. Knowing then how a spiritual person can behave in the physical world, one does not have to believe in a miracle in which the battered body of Jesus suddenly changes into a healthy organism, enabling Him to temporarily change characters, penetrate the walls, eat food and unexpected appearance in different places.

From the first moments of Jesus' life, strange situations are associated with Him, and therefore his resurrection should not be shocking. It is worth noting that long before the resurrection, Jesus' body in certain situations behaved in a similar way to the resurrection. For example, during a temptation in the desert, Jesus was moved by Satan first to the top of the temple, and then to a very high mountain from which all the kingdoms of the world could be seen. It must be admitted that in the light of classical laws of physics such behavior is impossible due to the laws of gravity and the time and scope of such "moves". In another case concerning the transfiguration of Jesus at Mount Tabor, it was noticed that He and His clothing behaved "nonphysically".  In addition, his conversation with the figures of the Old Testament seen by the apostles, who were long dead, could suggest some form of their temporary resurrection. The described phenomena, as well as walking on water, can make us realize the existence of specific spiritual laws based on Energy from the Creator and not necessarily explainable by classical laws of physics. In this light, it can be said that the phenomenon of the resurrection of Jesus was accomplished through the appearance of His conditioned appearance. Thanks to this, He was able after the resurrection to do many important activities to strengthen the faith of His disciples and other witnesses of His life.

However, I will keep repeating that in the religious sense the resurrection of man means a return from the state of spiritual death to the state of spiritual life under the authority of God. For Jesus, it was not really a change, because in both physical and spiritual life he was under the authority of God. Meanwhile, all other people are spiritually dead because they inherited from Adam and Eve the original sin that marks spiritual death in the Garden of Eden. Despite this, during physical life on Earth everyone looks like normal, living people. Unfortunately, we remain on the Earth in a state of spiritual death under the rule of Satan and we require a process of transition from this state to the state of life, that is, the transition to the supremacy of God. This is the process that we call the resurrection or spiritual rebirth.

Every birth, including spiritual ones, requires the existence of parents for the newborn. The participation of parents in the physical birth of each of us is widely known. It is much harder to understand the spiritual birth, or rather the rebirth of man for God. Christians say they are spiritually born again through Jesus and the Holy Spirit, which is evident truth. I will only add that this process applies to all people born in the world under the rule of Satan, and not only Christians. Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit appeared on Earth for the good of all people. It is enough, then, to sincerely admit that they are our Spiritual Parents to initiate their personal resurrection process.

Resurrection in the sense of salvation should embrace all of humanity, because it is associated with the so-called Last Judgment. At the same time, it can be said that it is inseparable from the so-called end of the world and the ultimate salvation for individual people.

We already know from the previous chapters that the end of the world does not concern the physical destruction of humanity, but marks the end of Satan's reign over people, the end of satanic civilization and the transition to the supremacy of God. It will simply be a return to normalcy prepared by God, so it can be called a universal resurrection.

How will such a resurrection begin?

As I wrote above, the final judgment will be the starting point for the resurrection.

The Last Judgment is a fundamental part of the process of human salvation, because people and Satan must be judged justly so that everything can return to its original state. Common courts in democratic countries serve to restore the proper legal order by indicating how this order was violated and who is guilty of this violation. For this purpose, they use existing criminal, civil or other code appropriate to the given situation. These courts may also refrain from imposing a punishment if everything returns to its original state and forgiveness of wines will occur. The Last Judgment is not a cosmic spectacle but a process of introducing the Divine Law, which religions identify with the Word of God. It's It, and not a giant fire, it will be a tool for judging the evil done by Satan, so that its enormity will be made known to all people. As the name suggests, everyone will eventually be aware of the evil that prevails in the world. In this way, the existence of Satan will end and the supremacy of Heavenly Father will begin.

Lord Jesus, who has been working for the completion of His mission for 2000 years, is to be the Chief Judge of the Last Judgment. He was to do it for his life on Earth, but people would not let him. It is true that Jesus already began the Last Judgment, beginning to proclaim His teachings. This is the only possible way to conduct such a Court. Jesus' words, introducing God's Law, were to judge first the Jewish people and then the whole world. Being sentenced means a positive acceptance of the Word of God as an expression of God's Laws and Principles and then applying it in practice. Not accepting this Word, like not accepting Jesus Himself, means rejecting the Last Judgment and not beginning resurrection.  Unfortunately, the chosen people made the second decision.

Therefore, the Son of God who comes in again will indicate in the form of the Final Judgment the way and the way of repairing all damage caused by people in order to restore the original, normal state of human civilization.

The Last Judgment has primarily a purifying nature. This concerns both the cleansing of the world from the evil introduced by the evil, satanic civilization, and the removal from each of us of the fallen nature inherited from Satan. It is also about the purification of the individual history of our life, which was previously recorded in our personality. This will end the existence of Satan and his hell.






















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