The religious struggle with evil

1. According to essenceism, God-the Creator is the only source of the state called good. Therefore, the only true reality, that is, good, comes from Him. It has its origin in His Personality. It therefore determines the condition of His work for eternity.

2. The beginning of humanity: - Apart from God and without His awareness, there was an action against the first two people on the part of their guardian, Lucifer. It happened at the very beginning of human existence. This incident was the beginning of evil. After analyzing it, the conclusion was drawn that evil begins with a reversal of the force of love.

3. Full explanation of the source of evil. (I am creating here an educational model of the rise of evil that supports my imagination, because I have no opportunity to learn about the real phenomenon called the fall of the first people). According to the results of the analysis of essenceism, evil was caused by a change in the direction of the force of love into a direction inconsistent with that established by God. The reversed action of the force of love created a new reality unknown to Him, completely outside Him. I would like to remind you that it is the evil power of authority that dominates our world to this day. I explained its operation in the previous chapter. Now I will deal with the fallen nature that each of us has within him. As with the power of authority, nature fell as a result of the fall of people caused by a being called Satan. This being is derived from the transformed personality of the protector of the first humans, the Archangel Lucifer. It is from him that we inherit our fallen nature as a result of this transformation. Its existence in us manifests itself in the lack of direct contact with God, inability to assess reality from His point of view, failure to perceive the original laws and principles derived from Him, as well as failure to implement the course of life in accordance with the concept of our Creator. As previously mentioned, it has its roots in the fall process in the Garden of Eden. It was as a result of those events that Satan became the "father" of mankind. All his intentions, thoughts and ways of acting, formed in him during the fall from the good state of Archangel Lucifer to the state of an evil being called Satan, were transferred to people. So they became his heirs in a new evil kingdom called hell. The fallen nature embodied in the personality of Satan was inherited by all spiritual persons of people who ever came into the world. It functions alongside our original nature, inherited originally from the Creator. Unfortunately, the primal one did not develop enough and was drowned out by the fallen one. Additionally, a state was created in which the reversed direction of the force of love led us to total isolation from the Creator. Thus occurred the spiritual death of people. It must be remembered that all this happened during the development of still imperfect people who, despite the warnings, did not reject the lie of their guardian. In summary, the bad state of the world emerged from an event that took place between the first two people and their guardian. From that moment, the source of our reality, the one inconsistent with the original concept of the Creator, became Satan and his people. There was a completely different beginning of humanity than the one destined for us by the Creator. It can be called the state of death before God, as if the closure of earthly life for its Creator. He does not feel it because there is no time for Him. Humanity can reappear in His reality if, as a result of the salvation process, the Son of God and the Daughter of God return to their pre-fall condition and continue their spiritual development towards perfection. Unfortunately, there are still two contradictory states of reality in the world today: the original state of good originating from the Creator and the state of evil originating from Satan.

4. Cain-Abel correlation (it is a model of the state of conflict between the good we belong to and the evil that arises). The condition from the previous point shifted to two brothers. There was an evil action on the part of Cain, who, having accepted Satan's lie, also took over the power of authority from him. As a result, he killed Abel representing the original state of good. This is how the mechanism of the evil force, created beforehand by the Creator's unlawful acts of the first people and their guardian, worked. This means that the lie that changed the direction of the force of love introduced a state of death, this time physical. Thus, the overall goal of religion should be to overcome evil with good. Good is a state of reality that comes from the Creator, i.e. the result of the operation of His principles and laws, which essenceism defines as God's Providence. Some of its content can be found in the legal system of the Old Testament, but it is best represented by the teachings of Jesus Christ.

5. Overcoming the evil that exists alongside the good has been a major task for many central figures throughout human history. This is reflected in the purpose of the religions that have arisen in our history. Unfortunately, the ancient religious system became more and more controlled by Satan over time. On his initiative, prophets and central figures of the Old Testament representing good were killed. They were mostly those who made efforts to find a way to eradicate evil. Unfortunately, Satan, an old educator at the beginning of human history, maintained and still maintains his power over people. The only hope for regaining a world of goodness for all generations is to return mankind to its pre-collapse state. For this we need the reborn Adam, who, as a perfect man, should achieve the position of the Son of God, and the reborn Eve, who should achieve the position of the Daughter of God.

6. The generational chain that emerged in the Jewish nation made it possible for a reborn Adam to be born on Earth, cut off from the lineage of Satan. As a result, Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, accepted the task of freeing mankind from the power of Satan. The mission of Jesus was to bring the world to its original state, which the Creator intended for mankind. Due to the degeneration of the religion of Israel by Satan, Jesus was murdered, and full salvation did not take place. There was only the so-called redemption, or spiritual salvation.

7. Christianity today does not reflect Jesus' efforts. This is because the hierarchs of Christianity have departed from the idea of full salvation, which requires rebirth on the Earth of Adam as the Son of God without any subjection to Satan. In their dogmas, they changed the power of love that Jesus gave to the world into the power of authority. They did this because they were often are inspired by Satan.

8. Falsifying the image of God and salvation: The main problems of modern religions are believing in imaginary gods and waiting for them to free mankind from evil. Of course, not all religions do this directly, but in the end it is.

9. Most religions say they do not get involved in politics. The reality shows something completely different. Most often, in order to maintain power over people, the hierarchs of religious denominations cooperate with the political authority. This is called the alliance of the altar with the throne. There would be nothing wrong with that if they educated politicians to exercise good governance conducive to the salvation of the world from evil. It is a pity that it is not so.

10. Religions seem to get used to the existence of evil. Many of them often say that God allows evil and even allows it to make good. This false attitude means that evil can reign in human society forever.

11. Religions can be the only hope for the world's recovery and the salvation of mankind from evil. It is clear that in this respect you cannot count on politicians, businessmen, military or scientists. If religions do not take active responsibility for the salvation of the world, they can be accused not only of passivity towards evil, but even the cause of evil in the world for so long. Their failure can become the failure of all mankind, as it was two thousand years ago during the saving mission of Jesus Christ.

















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