The state produced by evil

This chapter is about the state of the world that is produced by humanity. Unfortunately, it is tainted with evil. We live as if under the "special supervision of the force of evil," and the "products" of our civilization are largely contrary to the original concept of the Creator.

It is difficult to argue with the fact that the condition that civilization produces on Earth comes from humans. However, it is worth taking a deeper look at this fact. For we found an orderly world in the form of nature waiting for its new host. Meanwhile, at the very beginning, our civilization was distorted by an action that ruined the state of good and introduced evil. It went entirely beyond God. On the initiative of the guardian of the first people, the correct direction of love was reversed, which brought evil to mankind, and Satan, transformed from their former protector, has become the ruler of the world. Evil penetrated first into the personality of the first people, and then passed on to all mankind. In this way, both we and our entire civilization died to God. Of course, it is not about biological death, but about cutting humanity from the Source of Life, that is, from the proper Father of humanity.

At the beginning of human history, we should reach the spiritual level that our Creator predicted for us. Unfortunately, after the fall of the first humans, Satan continues to illegally use his advantage as an evil educator of mankind. He has stopped people's spiritual development at a low level, which allows him to constantly control each of us with the power of authority. For we have an implanted evil nature, on the basis of which Satan has permanent access to us. As a result, he dominated our spiritual persons, which we receive from the Creator at birth. It is regrettable to admit that we not only have the original presence of God in the form of the original nature inherited from Him, but also a specific "presence" of Satan in the form of the aforementioned fallen nature. The evil it contains is therefore introduced into our personality from the moment we are born. This results in a constant struggle between good and evil, the lack of spiritual development, and hence, a persistent low level of each person's spirituality.

Therefore, one must be aware that the spiritual development provided by the Creator is blocked by the "ruler of this world". In this way, Satan blocked our path to perfection. It is he who controls the world to this day and prevents us from becoming true children of God. Of course, this is not knowledge resulting from a scientific analysis, but only a logical conclusion from the assessment of our civilization. However, having no better research methods, I have to accept such a "religious" translation of the present state of mankind. The very knowledge of the bad state of our world counts first. The next step after getting it should be looking for the right way out of this situation using human reason, and thus taking into account the achievements of human thought in various fields of science. For it is not enough to pray earnestly to God with a request for knowledge from Him or to seek support from the spiritual world; although this is also important. All the more, there should be no passive waiting for the salvation that God may grant us. So did those who lived before us. It is worth remembering, however, that the prophets and figures of the Old Testament constantly exhorted people to stimulate them to act for the elimination of evil. Unfortunately, they were often eliminated from society by the clergy, although their message was primarily addressed to them. It is a pity that now also humanity is passively waiting for salvation.

According to essenceism, Satan created a mechanism of power that is often used unconsciously by any authority. This applies not only to politics and the economy, but also to other areas of life, including religion. This mechanism is to keep people spiritually low, vulnerable to lies from the leaders of these spheres of life. It is they who, thanks to their power, effectively eliminate attempts to restore the correct concept of human civilization predicted by God in the creation of the world. This mechanism also effectively eliminates human efforts to understand our true Creator, preventing us from returning to His world. Thus, every power that has arisen in different ages, sooner or later becomes seized by the "controller" of mankind, that is, the "master of this world," as Jesus called Satan. Unfortunately, it was He who became the most significant victim of this mechanism.

To sum up, it must be clearly stated that we live in a world created by evil that occurred at the very beginning of human history. The former guardian of the first people, Archangel Lucifer, called Satan after the fall, is still the master of our world, who maintains our hell from behind the "spiritual scenes".










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