Theses and hypotheses

of the theory of eternal existence

The essenceism thesis:

God is the Original Being, that is, the Creator. He created the spacetime of the universe from Himself. So from Him all the energy flowed out and changed into matter, nature and people.

Extension of the essenceism thesis (research thesis - hypothesis)

The Original Being exists in a state beyond time and space (i.e. in a transcendent reality that can be defined as the spiritual realm). What He created is a space-time universe filled with energy and matter (constituting physical reality). As part of the extended hypothesis, I introduce terms regarding His features, attributes and qualities centered in the Heart of the Original Being.

Features of the Original Being

The theory of eternal existence accepts in its theses three basic features of the Original Being. They are: eternity, absolute and perfection.

Attributes of the Original Being

According to the theory of eternal existence, the first of the two main attributes of the Original Being is Its Side (Inner), or Personality, which is shaped by His attributes. The second main attribute is His Praenergy, or the Energy of the First Cause, which, together with His Personality, is the "stuff" of all things.

Qualities of the Original Being

According to the theory of eternal existence, His attributes are: Will, Intelligence and Affection, which interpenetrate one another and are integrated in the Center of His Personality. The theory calls this Center the Heart.

The thesis and hypothesis as well as the determination in the form of an existential judgment of the features, attributes and attributes of the Original Being led to the emergence of the theory of eternal existence, which in turn defined its theorem. The end goal of this process is to turn a specific theory into a scientific law.

In order for a theorem to be promoted to a scientific theory, it must meet certain formal conditions that determine the type of generality of the theorem. A theory should have a high information content, which means its ability to build new statements whose value is determined by their degree of depth of heuristic. The progressiveness of knowledge manifests itself in the search for a thesis or research hypothesis based on the adopted axioms.






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