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I invite you to familiarize yourself with the theory of eternal existence, which is the result of many years of analysis carried out by my research system called essenceism >>> Introduction to the Theory of Eternal Existence

“This website presents important issues related to man, including the eternity inherent in us. The topics gathered here try to briefly answer the questions about our identity and the meaning of human life. The knowledge contained here is not the result of any visions or revelations. Its content is the result of a logical analysis carried out with the help of an analytical system called essenceizm. Its task is to introduce my theory of eternal existence to the public space. I would like to emphasize that the preparation of my theses and analyzes was modeled on the way scientists work. Thanks to this, I was able to logically explain the fact of the existence of a state beyond time and space and the First Cause of all things, i.e. the Original Being. So in the form of the theory of eternal existence, I am trying to explain the fact that we are eternal as beings derived from the Original Being." - Janusz Mazur

After the publication of the next seven books on the analytical system on essenceism, it is time to summarize my work. I want to do this in the form of a presentation of my theory of eternal existence, which results from the application of essenceism to a full analysis of the existing reality and the eternity waiting for each of us.

The purpose of the eternal existence theory is to explain the eternity inherent in everyone's life. To achieve this, I had to move away from mysteries shaped by religions for centuries. I noticed that in the course of the development of our civilization, the true image of God the Creator was deformed, as well as the meaning of human existence in the universe. Thus, the theory of eternal existence had to move away from the vision of reality communicated to us by most philosophers, theologians, and religious associations.

It seems that scientists around the world still have a hard time explaining the origin of the universe, life, and people in terms of Intelligent First Cause. Therefore, essenceism, in response to this situation, presents the theory of eternal existence described here.

This theory is primarily intended to introduce to the sphere of everyday life new knowledge about the existence of the Original Being as the proper Source of eternity and the knowledge about the sense of the existence of the universe as an environment intended for us, people, eternal beings.

As I have created something completely new, for the time being I am alone in my activity. However, I hope that after some time mankind will gradually understand that each of us comes from the Eternal Creator, that is, that every man must be eternal like He." - Janusz Mazur

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I begin the description of my search for the First Cause, search for the roots of the universe and the man himself. I do not want it to be a religious work, but a research and science at the level of a person who thinks logically and draws logical conclusions. These are the features of the researcher: logical thinking and drawing logical conclusions. My level of scientific knowledge is not academic. It is rather the level of an urgent student of natural sciences, especially physics. That is why I am not ashamed to call my research and scientific work. When religious themes appear, I will also have a research and scientific distance to them. Only after exhausting all known scientific knowledge and ending logical argumentation I will add emotional arguments, because even the most meticulous researcher is not just a soulless machine.

I do not identify myself with any existing religion, church or denomination. My religious views are only partly due to the search for universal truth in religious beliefs. In this study I use, above all, my life experience, my thoughts and focusing on the problems of people around me. From all these spiritual experiences, I have drawn logical conclusions and made notes from them for many years. Now I present the fruits of my work.


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