Eternity in a man


Everyone sees that a physical person of man has a limited life time, whereas a spiritual person can be eternal. And this is the most important topic of my thoughts.

In this study, I devote a lot of space to confirming the fact that we are eternal. It seems that man is a being who begins life on Earth and then continues for eternity, first in the physical world and then in the spiritual world. There is eternity in us and this is what distinguishes us fundamentally from animals. I want to describe all this in my study. I do not mean, of course, any scientific proof for the existence of a spiritual person as an eternal human being or for proof of the existence of God, but for a logical sequence of thought that will help man himself to come to the truth about himself and about the existence of God.

The fact of eternal life immediately raises another question, where exactly will we live forever? Everyone knows that it's not here in our physical reality. There must be a place for spiritual life for eternity. But how to understand the existence of this eternal place of our life, which is called the spiritual world? This question directs our interest in the belief zone into something that is not visible and which is difficult to prove. That is also the question of the existence of God and our position towards him. How do you find the real answer?

I have no intention of convincing anyone "by force" that there is a God, a spiritual world, or an immortal person in a human being. I cannot do this in the same way that I could not convince someone that there is an infinite universe, indivisible elementary particles, or the possibility of exceeding the speed of light. Knowledge of all this gradually penetrates human consciousness, constantly expanding the scope of our cognition.

Because the logical consequence of realizing the problem of the spiritual personality in us is the appearance of the question about the existence of the spiritual world, then this topic needs to be drilled. Does he exist at all? Is this the "space" in which our further, eternal life is to take place after the end of physical life? The next topics of this study will try to answer these questions.

If a man does not know that he is eternal and does not include it in his life, it does not really differ much from the animal. Such a man has several dozen years of life ahead of him, in which he will gain food, build a habitat and breed - exactly like most animals do. In case we take an example of animals killing each other, or gathering in a pack in the form of gangs, it does not get us healthy.

In fact, all the more important aspects of human civilization activity are created with a view to the future that they will be remembered forever. Writing a book, making a scientific discovery, or getting the Mont Everest has such a character.

Therefore, the first and most important step in human development is to understand that each of us is an eternal being and that he is certainly not an animal. It is only after understanding this fact that we can begin to ask ourselves further questions about the spiritual world and here is whether God exists and who He actually is. This is what this study is for.

Another 7 topics are trying to answer the question of who God is:

1. The Original Being


2. God as the Center of the Universe


3. Personality of God


4. God as the Creator


5. God towards science


6. God as the Heavenly Father


7. God as the Source of All Things









 The theory of eternal existence - (in English)