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= Who is God?


"Original Being"  ,  "God as the Center of the Universe",


"Personality of God" , "God as the Creator" , "God and science".


Here are the basic information introducing the subject of

the theory of eternal existence.

After the publication of the next seven books on the analytical system on essenceism, it is time to summarize my work. I want to do this in the form of a presentation of my theory of eternal existence, which results from the application of essenceism to understanding the reality that exists and the eternity waiting for each of us.

The purpose of the theory of eternal existence is to explain the phenomenon of eternity accompanying us. To achieve this, I had to move away from mysteries shaped by religions for centuries. I noticed that in the course of the development of our civilization, the true image of God the Creator was deformed, as well as the sense of the existence of man and the universe. Thus, the theory of eternal existence departs from the present vision of reality communicated to us by numerous religions and religious organizations.

The theory of eternal existence is also designed to introduce to the scientific space and beyond, the knowledge about the existence of the Original Being as the proper Source of eternity, the true meaning of the universe and the appearance of us humans in it.

Scientists all over the world still have problems with understanding the origin of the universe, life and people, especially with the participation of Intelligent First Cause in them. In this situation, as the creator of the theory of eternal existence, I am trying to help scientists by suggesting answers to their questions.

As I have created something completely new, for the time being I am alone in my activity. However, I hope that after some time mankind will gradually understand that it was born by the Eternal Creator, and so every human being must also be eternal.

The purpose of my considerations is to take a small step in this direction.

I invite you to experience the joy of understanding who God is.

= What is eternity of God? -

"Original Being" , "Personality of God" , "God as the Creator" ,


 "God and science"  ,  "God as the Center of the Universe",


= What is eternity of the human being? -

 "Man - eternal Being"


"Man and other spiritual beings".


"Man and other spiritual beings"


"Man toward the All Things",.











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