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My vision of everything means a willingness to logically understand everything that surrounds us. And there is a lot of it. This is not only what we see around us, although of course you need to know our Earth and understand its existence in the solar system. I want to go much further and deeper. As part of my study, I think into the entire infinite universe called the cosmos and into the microscopic world of incredibly small amounts of matter and energy. But it doesn't stop there. After all, there is much more than just the visible surroundings. There is something else that we can only guess, not see or only feel. Our dreams, thoughts and imaginations suggest it. They are not physical reality. They are peculiarities unknown to us. Do they then belong to another reality called the state beyond time and space or the spiritual world? Yes, I do. That is why the theory of eternal existence arose.

As with most scientists, reality researchers or philosophers, I dreamed of creating a universal system for understanding as many phenomena that surround us as possible. I dreamed of the so-called theory of everything, but for now I decided to create only a part of it, i.e. the theory of eternal existence. My point was not to wander in the dark among thousands of concepts, theories, ideas or recipes for the reality that surrounds me. I wanted to capture the essence of all phenomena, as if the essence of all things that create not only the cosmos that surrounds us, but also what is hidden behind it. This is how the idea for my essenceism analytical system was born, which shaped the theory of eternal existence.

Increasingly, brave space explorers surprise us with information that not only our cosmos exists, but that there may also be some other universes. Although we know so little about ours and are still researching it, we listen to the voice of scientists and wonder if they are right. I do not want to contradict them, but when presenting my vision of the universe, I emphasize the existence of not only this one, physical universe, but also another, non-physical "superuniverse", called a state beyond time and space. This sphere invisible to us coexists with the space-time sphere of the universe, although it is beyond time and space and functions according to other laws and principles. In my study, I would like to find answers to the questions of whether we are surrounded only by physical, biological, chemical, etc. laws, or whether it is also possible to indicate certain spiritual laws and principles that function in the nonphysical state.

Perhaps the time has come to incorporate science in a broad sense into knowing the reality that exists beyond the known physical reality. I would like it to result in the understanding of eternity that is difficult to study.

Science offers the most complete and fairly objective description of our reality. The most perfect science is mathematics. It is followed by physics, which is considered the most complete exact science. In fact, physicists created math to have a tool to describe reality. Scientists agree that they do not create the laws of physics, but discover them, like Archimedes, who jumped out of the bath naked when he discovered the law of buoyancy.

So it would seem that classical "Newtonian" physics gives us a proper picture of the universe. However, this view was partially weakened by the emergence of two "new physicists" in the 20th century. The first is modern theoretical astrophysics, the development of which has greatly stimulated the theory of relativity, and which only to some extent derives from astronomy known for centuries. The second is quantum physics. It is precisely it that clearly demonstrated the inability to apply the laws of classical physics to the functioning of the smallest elements of matter and very small portions of energy, especially when using the highest speeds. What's so new in both of these branches of physics?

A certain necessity for an observer appeared in them. This observer turns out to be indispensable in the study of phenomena covering a range in which typical laws of physics no longer operate. While in classical physics, the potential observer has only a passive meaning, limited to measuring and accepting the existing state of matter and energy, in quantum physics, and even in theoretical astrophysics, the observer and his tools become active participants of events affecting the results of measurements and assessment of the facts. The phenomena perceived in the field of quantum physics entitle to formulate a hypothesis about the possibility of creative human participation in events taking place on the border of space-time and the sphere beyond time and space. Practically the observer (man) can decide which of the states of matter or energy is present at the moment.

One can also try to extend the observer's decision-making in relation to phenomena that are difficult to understand or indeterminate, such as dark energy, black holes or gravitational waves, which are dealt with by theoretical astrophysics. However, then we notice that these are too "high thresholds" for us. Rather, it is appropriate to look for the right Active Observer who, thanks to the unattainable for man ability to convert energy into matter, can decide about various phenomena in the cosmos, as was the case with the creation of the universe. Such thinking resulted in establishing the fundamental assumptions of the theory of eternal existence.

Within the framework of the theory of eternal existence, I first of all carry out a logical analysis of the concepts that have hitherto been dealt with by theology. I do it based on the latest scientific achievements. This is especially true of the possible existence of the First Cause - the Personal Creator of all things. It is during the search for facts that testify to his presence that knowledge from theoretical astrophysics and quantum physics may come in handy. By accepting the Active Observer, it will be easier to accept the necessity of the presence of an Efficient Cause for the existence of all things. Therefore, I will be looking for the One for whom space-time is the result of His activity, while He Himself can exist from infinity backward to infinity directed towards the future, that is, in a state beyond time and space.

Before I present the entirety of the topics described, I would like to present my vision of the universe contained in my theory even more precisely. It defines my view of religious and philosophical problems in a form resembling a scientific analysis. Therefore, and with the need to systematize this method, I introduced the already mentioned system called essenceism. It is a new concept, used only by me so far, meaning an analytical system based on logic, and intended for the study of singularities beyond time and space. This system prepares tools for the analysis of non-material phenomena, called spiritual, in order to put them into a unified theory of eternal existence.

The theory of eternal existence is therefore based on the fundamental assumption that the source "place" of all things is a state beyond time and space that is everything outside the scientifically knowable universe. It is in this transcendent reality that there must be a Original Causal Being, the presence of which is the thesis of my theory. He is the Absolute, Eternity, Perfection and the First Cause of everything. In principle, He has always existed, that is, from infinity. It will also last forever, that is, infinitely. In all my analyzes of the system of essenceism that built the theory of eternal existence, I was guided by this basic premise. I checked every view, thought or statement in relation to the necessary attributes of the Original Being, identified in my study with the concept of God-Creator.

I must now explain why I have made this assumption. I did this because the existence of God, whom I called the Original Being, is not a problem of faith for me, but a logical necessity. For I rejected the notion that the universe was made out of nothing. In this situation, without recognizing the Creator as Necessity, I would be helpless in the face of the existence of the universe, and especially in the circumstances of the emergence of time, space and matter. The same is true for the existence of life and ourselves, intelligent beings. Especially in the latter statement, the presence of the Creator is a necessity. Of course, my assumption will be verified in the course of analyzing the truth of the hypothesis that such a Causal Being could actually create the universe, life and people. For now, let this be just the main thesis of the theory of eternal existence.

The above statements are necessary to prove my additional hypothesis that the Original Being fills the entire state beyond time and space, is integrated with this state in such a way that His Whole Personality defines this state, and his Praenergy, permeated by laws resulting from His Personality fills this state completely. These claims are, of course, based on the assumption that such a state exists. I made this assumption after taking into account the paradigm that the universe arose at a particular point in time, that it did not exist before, and that "something" cannot arise out of nothing. Just like other scientists, I accepted as a fact the violent creation of the universe called Big Bang. In the theory of eternal existence, it is a certainty.

According to this theory, then, we have a process that began in complete darkness to investigate. They symbolize a state beyond time and space that eludes all research instruments at the disposal of science.

My system of essenceism explores the state beyond time and space from the very beginning. For its part, it wants to support science that can only deal with phenomena happening in the space-time of the universe. The theory of eternal existence, without conflict with the results of scientific research, claims that at some point from one point, which was a "window" between two states of reality, the process of creating the universe took place. Figuratively, this initial state can also be imagined as an impenetrable "curtain" separating the sphere beyond time and space from the spacetime of the emerging cosmos. This means that on the "causal" side of this "curtain" we have a sphere beyond time and space, and on the "effect" side of the forming universe. The fact of the appearance of the above-mentioned singularity can be compared to the "keyhole" in the "gate" between the sphere beyond time and space presented by essenceism and the emerging space-time universe. This "window" or this "keyhole" deserving the name peculiarity is precisely this mysterious passage into the new reality. This transition must have released a pre-existing source of energy, because everything that exists in the universe was made of energy. Here is the fundamental difference between the theory of essenceism and purely scientific theories. Most scientists still claim that the universe arose from nothing, while essenceism represents the source of energy from the First Cause. This is why my theory of eternal existence makes a thesis about the initial primary energy coming from the Original Being. At the same time, this transition took place according to specific laws of physics, both ordinary and quantum. So these rights must have existed before. Following the analysis carried out by essenceism, the theory of eternal existence claims that their source, as in the case of primary energy, is also the Original Being existing in the sphere beyond time and space. It can therefore be said that through the infinitely small "isthmus" (singularity) the Creator poured into the forming space-time all the energy necessary for the creation of the universe.


For the sake of order, I present the main assumptions concerning the First Cause once again, and the assumptions I made in this study.  All topics discussed here are based on these assumptions.

First, God, whom I call Original Being, is the absolute, that is, he is completely independent, unconditional, self-existent, perfect, and above of all.

Second, He exists beyond time and space, although its effect also results in space-time, which is His omnipresence.

Third, He is a Being existing from infinity to infinity, or eternal.

Fourth, He has the Physical Side, which is His omnipresent Energy of the First Cause, the inexhaustible "source" of all things.

Fifth, His Spiritual Side is the Personality with Intelligence, Will and Emotionality.  Omniversity, Goodness and Love and all the laws and principles that penetrate his physical side derive from these absolute and primal attributes. This Spiritual Side can also be called the Spirit of God.

Sixth, as the Original Being has the ability to create, that is, transforming His Energy into matter, that makes Him the proper Creator.

Seventh, He is not only the initiator of the universe, but the further source of its development.

Ultimately, God is also the Heavenly Father, that is, the Creator of people who, according to His assumptions, should be on "His Image and Similarity."


Taking into account the above assumptions, I present the basic principles of essenceism regarding the attributes of the existence of the sphere beyond time and space, i.e. the spiritual world.

1. The principle of timelessness or eternity (timeless uncertainty) - this is the first of the two fundamental attributes of the sphere beyond time and space.

2. The principle of unstructured (spatial uncertainty), in which there is nothing occupying any space or volume - this is the second fundamental attribute of this sphere.

3. The principle of the existence of the First Cause that fills the sphere beyond time and space and is the source of the creation of space-time I defined this First Cause as an Original Being characterized by the lack of the beginning of the uprising, the absence of anything that could have been before Him, that is, existing from infinity.

4. Principle of the main force that functions beyond time and space. This strength is the power of love. Its source form, that is, the Original Force of Love, emerged from the Personality of the Original Being. It was she who caused the creation of the universe, life and people. Scientists treat it as a starting force known as super strength.

5. The principle of the universalization of primary energy is the uncertainty of the state of energy filling both the sphere beyond time and space as well as space-time.

6. The principle of the existence of beings in the sphere beyond time and space. This type of existence is a concentration of praenergia formed around a personality center with intelligence, will and emotionality.  This is to be understood as the definition of each of the entities residing in this sphere.  They are separate beings derived from the Original Being.

7. The principle of perfection - every being pursues perfection based on the laws and principles of the Creator, and every spiritual being based on its intelligence, will and emotionality. Everything in which God is directly present becomes perfect. 

8. The principle of the necessary sense of the existence of space-time. This means that space-time is a necessary place of development to full perfection for spirit beings destined for eternal presence in the sphere beyond time and space.

9. The principle of omnipresence - (the uncertainty of the location of spiritual beings in their dwelling place).  All beings existing in the sphere beyond time and space after achieving perfection are omnipresented in it.

10. The principle of communication in the sphere beyond time and space (vision system).  Any communication between beings existing there takes place through the intuitive transmission of the content of feelings or thoughts and also through the imaging of the will in the form of visions taken from the material structures of space-time.

11. All laws and principles that originate from the First Cause that function in a sphere beyond time and space are defined as necessary, eternal and good, that is, according to the original Creator's premise.


The issues outlined above will be the content of the next steps in my study.

First, I build the concept of God, describing His attributes. He should be the Supreme Absolute over the Universe and at the same time the Creator of All Things.  In my texts, I called Him Original Being.

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Secondly, based on His qualities, I am building the concept of a human being as a being beginning his eternal life in the physical world and continuing it in a sphere beyond time and space, in other words in the spiritual world.

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Thirdly, I try to describe what the ideal world should look like under the supremacy of the Original Being and how the proper human civilization, created by the Creator, should look like.

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Fourthly, on the basis of the above concepts, I argue that man in the present state is an imperfect unit, "unfinished," which was the result of departing from the original plan of God at the beginning of human existence. I also analyze how it happened.

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Fifth, I describe the spiritual world and its current state, at the same time defining the relationship between this world and the life of people on Earth.

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Sixth, I try to explain why the knowledge about Original Being and the reality beyond the time and space does not function as a science, remaining only at the level of faith and constituting the reason for the emergence of various religions.

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