The actual state of man


One of the most important things for people today is to understand the mechanisms of good and evil in the world around us as accurately as possible.

Sometimes because of a lack of success in personal life, and sometimes as a result of a subconscious understanding that the world around us is unfair, a huge percentage of people suffer only by just experiencing everyday life. Irritability, various kinds of stress, threat to ordinary existence are every day and almost universal phenomena. We don't like to talk about it and often hide our irritability behind the curtain of daily duties. Sometimes, however, we are no longer able to control ourselves and either anger or a nervous breakdown occurs.

Looking for those guilty of this situation, we accuse our immediate environment, sometimes the employer, and quite often political leaders or even the state system. Perhaps we are partly right, but it is worth remembering that both people in our environment and people accused by us in various positions in society feel the same pain as we do, suffering for similar reasons as we do.

Probably only small children are not aware of the difficulties of everyday life, because teenagers and young people rebel against the order of this world, unable to patiently bear the injustice surrounding them. They can express it through various forms of rebellion, which only increases the pain of their parents and educators.

Does it make sense to accuse each other and look for those responsible for our suffering and misfortunes? Of course not! In the light of what you will find in the pages of my study, our negative attitude will not lead to any positive results, but will only be a platform for maintaining the evil mechanisms functioning in our world, which I have not called hell by accident. Only the creator of this hell, Satan, is satisfied with this situation. Everyone else, that is to say, people living in the physical world, people in the spiritual world, angels and God Himself suffer in different ways because of the existing situation.

Unfortunately, outside we are observing the phenomenon that this abnormal state of our world seems to be completely normal to most people. They simply can't believe anything else. Meanwhile, correctly understanding this situation can help a lot of people. It is of course about getting to know the roots of evil. It is important to control our bad inclinations. To this end, I propose knowledge based on a thorough analysis of the emergence and operation of evil, to first draw the attention of followers of different religions to their responsibility for the state of our world.

I serve all the others with general knowledge about the existence of a Personal Good in the form of the Original Being and personal evil in the form of Satan. I do not propose that anyone would become a believer in existing religious dogmas, but that they would know about the existence of the Original Being, Satan and the current state of our world.







 ESSENCEISM – a research system to determine the First Cause



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