The origin of evil


The introduction by the Creator in the Garden of Eden of the concept of death, which essenceism understands as evil, suggests that a border has been established beyond which neither His Jurisdiction nor His Omniscience exists. I remind you that it is about spiritual death, i.e. seen from the perspective of the Creator. Therefore, the state outside the reality shaped by Him, or good, is a state that does not exist for Him or is not picked up by Him. We perceive this state as evil.

Based on a logical analysis of biblical records, one can conclude that we are in a state of spiritual death. This may suggest an incorrect understanding of the state of the present situation in relation to the state predicted by the Creator. The spiritual death of man is a situation of falling out of the Divine Jurisdiction and Reality, or good. His signaling of the appearance of spiritual death as a result of breaking His law in the Garden of Eden will suggest that evil is something beyond Him, beyond His Identity and Personality. It is, therefore, beyond His eternal and absolutely good existence that He cannot know about.

Everything seems to indicate that the evil created by beings at the beginning of human history initiated the emergence of the evil world. People have died for God, though it is about spiritual rather than physical death. This evil has destroyed hope for the emergence of a proper world shaped by the Original Being. By the ideal world I understand the so-called Heavenly Kingdom, i.e. the human environment under God's sovereignty. It should be eternal, perfect, and good, just like Him. Of course, there is currently no such thing. We have the opposite rather than the Kingdom of Heaven.

When looking for sources of evil, one must reach to the beginning of the existence of all things. I assume, according to the concept of this study, that at the beginning, i.e. long before the appearance of man, there had to be a definite causal condition, that is, it could not be some indefinite nothingness and chaos. I also assume that this primeval state was supplemented by the presence of certain laws and principles that can shape the "environment" thanks to the elements of intelligence, will and emotionality they contain. They can only come from the First Cause. Here I come to the necessary qualities of the Creator, that is, I begin to talk about His Original Intelligence, Will and Affection. In other words, the source, or rather the heart of everything, is His Knowledge, Goodness and Love. Of these three, as St. Peter in his hymn about love (1 Cor. 13, 1-13), Love is the most important thing. It is not only a feeling, but also a powerful force, or Divine Power. It has a very important attribute: direction. This is a very important value for human development. The correct direction of love comes from Divine Knowledge and Will. Keeping this direction means good. A direction inconsistent with God's Will means evil.

The Creator bestows His universe with love, though to a different degree people and everything else. This love leads everything to perfection by keeping its direction given by Him first. God is perfect and never changes her direction and destiny. Someone who is created "in the image and likeness of God", being perfect like Him, should also not change its direction and destiny. Unfortunately, as you can guess from the biblical records, a not fully perfect being, being only on the way to perfection, can possibly change the direction of love. Then evil appears, i.e. a state incompatible with the concept of the world created by the Original Being.

However, an important question still arises. Why did not God create a perfect man so that the good could not be destroyed? After all, we treat God as someone perfectly perfect. It goes without saying that only a perfect Creator could begin to create the universe and man. It is worth considering this.

The creation of various entities with a physical side had to take place in the space-time of the world, i.e. at a specific time and designated stages of development. Individual stages required a transition from the initial plan to its full implementation, that is, the road to perfection went through a period of imperfection. It was only at the end of this path that the creative act could deserve the statement: "(...) God saw that they were good" (Gen 1:12). Such a statement by the Creator means that perfection has been achieved, confirmed by Him.

Such a dynamic creation process enforces episodes of imperfection that, as a rule, remain outside the direct control of the already perfect Creator. These are episodes of growth within the laws and principles established by Him. For all other beings and creatures except human, the path to their maturity was automatic based on these established principles and laws. Meanwhile, in the case of man, another force had to be introduced, greater and more important than the creative force, that is, directly resulting from the Personality Center of the Original Being. It was there that the concept of man - a child of God - must have arisen. It's about the power of love that develops in each of us. It is to lead us to unity with God, that is, to unite with His Center, which essenceism calls the Heart of God.

During the period of development to perfection, we remain outside God's control. The first people were to be supported by the Archangel Lucifer during this period, because they had no "earthly" parents. It was to him that Heavenly Father gave responsibility for raising His children. Of course, during the period of growth, people also have their own independent part of responsibility for themselves. Thus, the task of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden was to reach the level of maturity set by the Creator based on his responsibility towards Heavenly Father and with the help of the Archangel's teachings. Thanks to this they could become His true children. The driving force on this path was love flowing from God. This force was to make people masters of the world of angels. During their growth, the Creator could only instruct them that they are in a state of imperfection (an expression of this was the prohibition of eating fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, the meaning of which I will explain later in this study) and give them the Archangel supporting them. In this way, God wanted to enable His developing children to learn about the created universe and become His heirs. On the other hand, they would become aware of their personal perfection the moment Heavenly Father would get directly involved in their lives. Together, this moment would be like permission to "eat fruit", that is, to connect Adam and Eve with a sexual act. Unfortunately, mainly through the Archangel's fault, and partly from their own, the first people "consumed the fruit" prematurely.

In God, the power of love is the causative power, and therefore it prevails over the creative power, that is, the power of principles and laws. Practically, then, the power of love can work with more power than the power of laws and principles. Because God is perfect, these two complementary forces exist in Him in harmonious unity. By creating man in His "image and likeness," the Creator gave these two forces to people, because it could not be otherwise. Unfortunately, when passing through the state of imperfection, the misplaced power of love could break the power of principles and laws, threatening the lives of Adam and Eve. Therefore, to protect the first people, God gave them this most important and essential instruction about "not eating fruit" and made sure that they understood it as a prohibition on changing the direction of love. To the Archangel, this prohibition created an impassable barrier between the position of angels and people. To Eve, it was about not directing love to any other direction except Adam, which was associated with the creation of good. Another direction, that is to the Archangel, was evil. Hence it can be called the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. For Adam, this prohibition was not to pass on life until his love reached the full maturity level foreseen by the Creator. Hence, we can call it the Tree of Life. Thanks to this, we can understand the existence of these two unusual trees in the Garden of Eden.

The validity of the ban on eating "fruit" and the awareness of God's children about the effects of its consumption is evidenced by the statement of the innocent Eve: "We can eat fruit from the trees of this garden, only about the fruit from the tree that is inside the garden, God said: No you are allowed to eat from it and even touch it, lest you die ”(Gen 3: 2-5). The knowledge of Adam and Eve was therefore sufficient not to make a fatal mistake. Knowledge was open to the first people, but with an exception. It concerned the knowledge of giving life and inheriting the Divine Personality for future generations. They were to give this gift together with the Creator. For such joint action, however, an appropriate level of human perfection was needed, including, of course, the highest state of love that Heavenly Father allocated for His children. God is perfect, so his partners must adjust their level to Him. Adam and Eve could not prematurely and independently begin to pass on something that they have not yet fully achieved. They had to wait for the invitation from their Father to cooperate. For, for his part, he gives every person a "breath of life", or a spiritual person, while parents give a natural person. Unfortunately, the first people inspired by their educator who wanted the highest love like them, prematurely broke the relationship with God. It was the use of their level of immature love for the act of creating a new man and the premature takeover of a new spiritual person from the Creator. This can be called the breaking of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil or simply original sin. Lucifer took God's place in this system, and people stopped at a much lower level of development than was established by the Creator.

During this period, God could not interfere in human activities according to the principle that man himself goes to perfection, to reach the perfect God and reach His level. Therefore, the Creator does not bear any responsibility for the fall of man. Unfortunately, as it proves, His instruction failed because of the devotion of the Archangel and the wrong direction of love by the participants of the fall.


Most theologians, not only Christian, see the reasons for the fall of Adam and Eve in the fact of the state of freedom in human personality and free will derived from it. They claim that God gave people a free will in which He does not interfere. This means that in the Garden of Eden, God left his children a choice between eating and not eating the "forbidden fruit." Because they chose to "eat the fruit" and disobeyed the ban on eating it, they fell. Hence the conclusion that free will, or simply human freedom, led him to fall. This concept clearly contradicts my assertions that the reason for the fall was the misguided force of love.

Freedom is a certain state of functioning, i.e. a sphere in which a person realizing his free will moves. So it is not a force that can cause a fall. What speaks for the fact that freedom was not the cause of the fall?

First of all, freedom can only create a state of readiness to make a decision leading to a fall, but the final decision requires a force that is not freedom. For example, we can freely approach the edge of the abyss, but crossing its edge ends all freedom, because the force of gravity begins to pull man into the abyss.

Secondly, the consumption of fruit by Adam and Eve was a conscious act. For God, as a caring Father, has made sure that he explains well the danger of the forbidden fruit. Since Adam and Eve knew that eating fruit would bring them death, it meant that they were committing something like suicide. You can call their deed, since the first people made a decision against the knowledge of the threat of death. Suicide, however, is not committed in a state of freedom, but in the absence of it. At that time, pressure suppressing existing knowledge or pressure stronger than finding another way out of the situation may work.

Thirdly, since there was a type of suicide, it must have been caused by a force more powerful than the force to preserve life, that is, the force of love. I don't have to remind you how many suicides were the result of disappointed love. It is also worth mentioning the fact of giving your life out of love for other people or in defense of the homeland.


There are also theologians who persist in the Garden of Eden events of God's kind of trial or test. I do not agree with this, to defend my concept I will add further arguments regarding the origin of evil. They clearly oppose claims that the Creator has tested His children or put them before a free choice based on their free will. It would look like a completely unnecessary test of loyalty or obedience.

First, after creating His work, God does not test them, because He would appear to be testing Himself. God is perfect and does not make mistakes, but only things or states that are in doubt are tested.

Secondly, Adam and Eve, after God's creation, were innocent and did not know evil because they came out of the hand of a perfect Creator who does not know evil and did not create it. God does not test such pure beings created by Himself, because He would have to suspect the existence of evil in them, and this does not agree with His Personality and perfection.

Third, God is All-Knowing, and therefore does not use tests, knowing the results of each one in advance.

Fourth, God, as a Loving Father, would not expose His children to any negative test result, especially since this supposed test was "to death and life" ("When you eat it, you will inevitably die" - Gen 2:17). Probably every loving father usually tries to protect his children from the danger that threatens them, and not subject them to death-threatening tests; and God is the most perfect Father.

These are arguments that must be taken into account before applying a superficial way of explaining what happened in the world created at that time by the Original Being. That is why I invariably claim that the fall of Adam and Eve and the fall of Archangel Lucifer were caused by the wrong direction of the force of love. This situation also affects the explanation of the so-called angels rebellion that the Bible mentions.


Some Christian theologians claim that even before the fall of the first people there was some angels' rebellion, headed by Archangel Lucifer. This raises the logical question, why did God, being aware of the threat of rebel angels, not sufficiently protected His innocent children and exposed them to the temptation of the fallen Archangel? Did not the all-knowing God take into account the danger of His children or notice the evil "Snake" creeping into the garden that could cause their death? In connection with the above statement, there is also a doubt questioning the fact of God's perfection, since the angels he created raise a rebellion destroying the arrangement of his world. Here, however, I must defend God and identify these theologians' claims as false.

First, it seems necessary to understand why the Archangel, subject to Heavenly Father's sphere of activity, found himself in the Garden of Eden with God's children. There can be only one answer: this Archangel was there according to God's Will as the educator of His children. Then you can accuse God that He, by choosing such an inappropriate educator, contributed to the destruction of the good world. This would be the case only if the Creator chose an immature and rebellious being as a tutor of Adam and Eve. After all, he should foresee that this evil educator intends to deprive Him of supremacy over people and take His place in the created world. I must say that this thinking is wrong. Heavenly Father chose the most appropriate and wisest of his archangels for his most important educational mission. At that time, Lucifer was well prepared to be an educator of God's children and was perfect as part of this mission. However, he was not perfect as Eve's partner replacing Adam, i.e. taking his position. The final position of the Archangel would be determined when, after reaching perfection with his support, he would recognize him as his permanent guardian, i.e. someone like a guardian angel. Unfortunately, this did not happen. As I explained before in this and previous parts of essenceism, the misguided force of love led Lucifer to abandon his mission. This weakened him, made him imperfect as an educator of God's children, and took away his sense of responsibility. This state, in turn, led him to take the position of Adam, who was only in the period of growth, that is, he was still an imperfect man. Therefore, taking over his position made Lucifer even more imperfect. In this state, the Archangel still longed for supreme love, which eventually led him to unite with Eve, that is, to persuade her to "eat" the forbidden "fruit". This can be called not only a fall, but also a rebellion against God.

The angels' "rebellion" and their fall certainly took place with the fall of Adam and Eve. It is this situation in the Garden of Eden in which the Archangel and the first people broke God's law, led to the simultaneous fall of people, the Archangel and other angels who are witnesses and participants of this bad story. The sequence of events presented above defines the whole tragedy that took place there. Therefore, the angels' rebellion mentioned above is the result of the situation that occurred at that time. From that moment Adam and Eve lost their relationship with God, the Archangel Lucifer became Satan reigning over people, and angels subjected to him fell demons. This was the beginning of the emergence of hell - a world contrary to the concept of the Creator.

In the Garden of Eden, God asks, "Where are you, Adam?" (Gen 3: 9). Is Adam lost somewhere in the recesses of this Garden? Apparently something like this happened that they stopped seeing. Heavenly Father is omniscient about all creation, so it's not just about getting lost. Adam seemed to fall outside the then world, whose image was the Garden of Eden. He ceased to be "visible" because he was in the realm of evil, unknown to the Creator. There is also no specific information that Adam found himself, that is, he remained in the sphere subordinate to Heavenly Father. There was an exchange of opinions between them, but it only confirmed the fact that the Creator had lost control of man. From that moment on, we learned the main nature of evil, that is, a state that has nothing to do with God. His children lost proper contact with Him. All they had to do was communicate with the words "at a distance," because they were no longer with their Heavenly Father. Thus, the first people left symbolically east of Eden, which is where they live in a world unknown to our Creator. From now on, they had a new god, Satan.

Despite the fall of the first people, the Creator is and will remain for us the Absolute, unchanging Rock and eternal Ideal. Unfortunately, his place was taken by the fallen Archangel and he took over the control of people. This is an unlawful mission, which began after the events in the Garden of Eden and was continued against God's Will. It continues uninterrupted to this day. Based on this position, he "covered" our Father with Himself, that is, He stood between Him and the people. Instead of taking a higher position than the angels, Adam and Eve, our first ancestors, surrendered to Archangel Lucifer, they surrendered to his will and became servants of the servant of His Father. Thus, Satan, taking a dominant position over God's children, became the actual god for humanity. This was done first by the spiritual domination of Eve, and then, through her, also Adam. This whole situation completely changed the course of human history prepared by the Creator. Until today, no human effort can reverse it, although there have been significant attempts to correct this situation by many people. Also the redeeming work of Jesus Christ could not eliminate evil from our planet. So Satan's dominance in the physical world continues to this day.























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