Who is man?

The question contained in the title is asked by almost every person in a slightly different form, that is: who am I? Everyone can easily answer this question. But this study is not about profession, social status or human gender. It is more about our humanity. The question: who is man, it concerns the category of being assigned to humanity. Such a question is very rarely asked by people, and I get the impression that they are even less likely to find the answer.

In this study, the term human can be understood as two slightly different terms. One applies to modern man living on our planet. He can be called an ordinary man or, as some religions define him, a fallen man. Let us, however, stay with the term: modern man. The second term refers to the proper man, i.e. the one who should inhabit the Earth. For research purposes, this may be a theoretical man, although the first part of the study on essenceism shows that it should be. I will call him the right man.

Who are we, people? Among many different answers, one seems to me the most important, because it allows people to be treated as subjects in search of the truth about the universe, in learning about the First Cause, or about the true sense of human existence. This answer is: we are not animals.

Man can create virtually everything in his mind, like a virtual world in which everything functions according to his will and according to the rules and laws he has established. He can move freely in such a reality, realize his dreams and be happy in it. He can freely create any worlds in his mind and have experiences similar to real ones in them. It may even lose control over this imaginary world, moreover, lose control over itself and fall into mental illness. Yes, because we are not animals. We are not actually part of nature, although our physical body is associated with it.

When we talk to another person, we are not talking to its skin and bones, but to someone who is inside. We feel that our words flow somewhere deep into our listener and enrich his knowledge. This and a thousand other things that people can do, completely differentiate us from animals.

In this study I am trying to show that man is a separate category of being in the universe. This is indicated by the widely developed human personality and his incredible civilization achievements in a very short time in relation to the age of the universe.

From the outside, we can see that we're a bit like animals. By eating natural products, sleeping regularly and performing various physiological activities, we are similar to animals. But immediately after these activities, our resemblance to animals ends. This is because our body, which is so similar in structure to animals, is guided by our inner personality. This personality treats the physical body as a tool to exist in the physical world. At a time when animals perform all activities with all their being, man uses his body as a plane for the existence of his internal, physically invisible personality.

The physical side of a person can be called a physical person. This person is our physical body endowed with the instinct for life, which is something like a physical mind. Essenceism demonstrates that our physical body must be controlled by our inner management nature, which can be called the physical soul. In this case, a physical person is a physical being similar to an animal being, but at the highest stage of development. As in the case of animals, a physical person is closely connected with the nature that surrounds us and complies with all laws applicable in nature. And like all physical beings, a natural person must die within a certain time.

The basic difference between humans and animals is that for an animal, physical death is its definitive end to existence, and for man is different. Well, for a man, the end of a physical person's duration does not mean the end of his existence. The next difference between a physical person and even the most developed representative of the animal world lies in the different sense of their existence. This can be described by a simple statement. The sense of life of an animal is to serve a physical person of man, and the sense of existence of our physical person is to serve a spiritual person.

A human body endowed with physical senses, i.e. a physical person, is most often a means of transport and a mechanism for moving our inner personality in the physical world. This inner personality or other inner being can be called a spiritual person and it seems that she is the right person. This fact can be felt, for example, in the old saying: "there is no living spirit" to describe the fact that there is no one in the room.

This inner being within us directs our lives as if the right person was functioning within our physical body. That is why it is worth calling him a spiritual person.

Our "physicality" is actually sticking to the laws of nature and social laws during physical life. Physical, biological or climatic conditions deprive man of virtually freedom, though only in its physical understanding. We need to breathe, eat, sleep, maintain a proper body temperature, and meet dozens of other conditions to stay alive, although we must eventually die. There are also social, geographical and even political conditions. In general, we are not free in the physical world.

Meanwhile, man feels a free being. This freedom, of course, is in our spirituality and is a basic attribute of man. In fact, only our spiritual person is fully free, not a physical person. Fortunately, it is the spiritual person who is the right person, because all our value is in it. This is what distinguishes us from animals and what determines our humanity.

Such realization that we are not animals should lead everyone to understand other important facts, that is, to the reality of the spiritual world, and then to our eternity. All to be a real man.

I am not going to convince anyone "by force" that we have an immortal personality, that there is a world beyond time and space, and that God can be a Original Being. I can't do it the same way I couldn't convince someone that there is an infinite universe, indivisible elementary particles, or dark energy. Knowledge of all this gradually penetrates human consciousness, gradually expanding the scope of our cognition.

I invite you simply to experience the true humanity on the pages of this study.

The following is a list of topics in this section:

= Where and how should a man live?


= Man towards God


= Original nature in man


= Prefection for man


= Man in next life


= Fallen nature in man


= Is there not God among us?


= Man in the face of the fact that God does not know evil


= Personal proposal about vision of God


= Summary about the state of humanity














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