Love and hate


If love is a force resulting from the operation of the Heart of the Original Being and it led to the creation of the universe and humanity, it would be expected that it will be a universal force and feeling guiding human behavior. Meanwhile, analyzing the behavior of people in the development of the world, we unfortunately see another, quite common feeling contrary to love. It's about hatred. This is not an ordinary feeling, but a phenomenon that I will not hesitate to call force. It pushes people to the most terrible crimes. Its genesis must date back to the most ancient history of humanity. Bible analysts note that it contains one of the oldest descriptions of hate crime. In fact, the assassination of Abel by Cain is a fairly clear example of this phenomenon. Apparently, he was jealous of the fact that God accepted Abel's sacrifice and did not accept Cain's, but the most important fact was that Cain was overcome by evil to such an extent that he did not even listen to God's warning. According to these analyzes, this evil was personal. Of course, it's about Satan. Even if we treat this story only symbolically, focusing on its educational overtones, it should be stated that hatred has accompanied us from the first moments of human existence. This is because it has its source in our fallen nature inherited from Satan.

The implantation of fallen nature in us by Satan caused that his feelings, which arose at the time of fall, constantly penetrate our personalities. This phenomenon is similar to God's providence, thanks to which the Creator's qualities are implanted in the personality of an individual in the form of primitive nature. This rule was taken illegally by the Archangel Lucifer, who as an educator of the first people had an influence on them at the very beginning of their development. After his deviation, the features of his transformed personality were implanted in this way in the form of fallen nature.

It can be assumed that hatred is the result of the reverse direction of love. It became a force when it took power from the most important force that man has, that is, from love. Therefore, reversing its proper direction still retains its power. Hatred is like a substitute for love in an overwhelmed man. Then there is a deep destruction of human personality. She can completely master it, or otherwise dull it.

The most surprising is the behavior of Christians who should implement one of Jesus Christ's most important guidelines for loving enemies. Many phenomena in the Christian cultural sphere indicate that, contrary to His teachings, hatred towards social, national or political opponents occurs. Although the followers of other religions do it, here I am only providing a definition of an evil person from the Christian sphere. He is the one who knows and understands Jesus' teachings and yet, with all consciousness, breaks them, creating at the same time his own degenerate translation of his conduct. It is a pity that such a large percentage of Christians meet this definition. It is worth remembering the statement of the Son of God that every such person has as his "prince" - Satan.








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