Special idea of The Original Being

 (ontology of essenceism)

The goal of the idea of being in essenceism is to describe God as the Original Being. Under this concept, whose existence is an assumption for this idea, essenceism understands the First Cause possessing Personality. This assumption is accompanied by thesis, that He is the Creator of All Things. The idea of being of essenceism will later become here the basis for the analysis of all studied reality.

If such an Original Being exists, then He must be more powerful than the universe, more original than it and source of its creation.

The initiation of space-time since the Big Bang suggests the existence, by its creation, of a source, eternal and unlimited sphere defined as a sphere beyond time and space.

This means that the universe was created from energy "located" beyond time and space, it means from the Energy of the First Cause, which is one of the two main attributes of the Original Being. For the same reasons as the fact of the existence of the Original Being, it is inexhaustible and eternal. It is a peculiar Physical Side of Him. This creative Energy functions according to His Laws and Principles, which constitute the second main attribute of the Original Being. Of course, those ones also exist eternally beyond time and space. Those derive from His Intelligence, Will and Emotionality, which create His Personality, or His Spiritual Side. "Theologically His Personality is called the Spirit of God.

Because the Original Being exists above all beyond time and space, it is not subject to the principle of causality functioning only in space-time. There is therefore no "His own" reason. In summary, the Original Being is a perfect and absolute God without the beginning or end, and therefore cannot have any "His" cause. He Himself is the absolute First Cause.

It should be explained why this assumption was adopted in this system. According to the essenceism, the existence of God is not a problem of faith, but a logical necessity. Essenceism rejects the view that the universe was made of nothing. In this situation, without the Creator's recognition as an Initial Necessity, the fact of the existence of the universe, and in particular the circumstances of the matter's existence, could not be explained. The same applies to the existence of life. In this case, the presence of the Creator is also a necessity.

Of course, these assertions of essenceism will be constantly verified in the course of the analysis of the truth of the thesis regarding the functioning of the Original Being and the fact that He could actually create the universe, life and people. In this respect, we are moving all the time in the sphere of the idea presented by essenceism.

The most important notion in the search for the Original Being is infinity, whose existence is acknowledged not only by scientists, but also in the universal human consciousness. Of course, infinity has no end, but it also has no beginning and it is the most difficult to accept.

Summarizing, in the Original Being, the Energy of the First Cause and the Laws that fill Him affect everything in the sphere beyond time and space (otherwise referred to as the spiritual world), as well as in the spacetime of the universe (referred to as the physical world). In the physical world, knowable by human beings, the attributes of the Original Being are transformed into concrete forms of energy and matter perceived by our senses and all laws discovered by science. The method of their learning describes the epistemology of essenceism.












 ESSENCEISM – a research system to determine the First Cause



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