Ideas of essenceism towards philosophy


Essenceism is not a fully philosophical system in the typical sense of the term. Of course, it has his ontology, epistemology, axiology and other parts of philosophy, because it creates a compact illustrative whole. However, it is above all a set of analytical tools for studying phenomena associated with the existence of the non-material sphere, and more specifically the reality beyond time and space.

Essenceism speaks in the following theories:


= Special idea of being - ontology of essenceism


= General idea of being - ontology of essenceism


= Idea of cognition - epistemology of essenceism


= Idea of value - axiology of essenceism


= Idea of morality - ethics of essenceism


= Idea of reasoning - logic of essenceism


= Idea of beauty related to love - aesthetics of essenceism


= Idea of nature - the all things of univers idea in essenceism


= Idea of human origin - anthropology of essenceism


= The theory of knowledge acquisition - methodology of essenceism


= The theory of the existence of religion - philosophy of religion in essenceism


= Idealism and materialism toward essenceism











 ESSENCEISM – a research system to determine the First Cause



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