The alternatives to a black scenario for humanity


Is there an alternative to a black scenario then?

I see two such scenarios. The first, quite typical, and the second strongly futurological.

This typical scenario has already been described in several places in this study, and most precisely in the chapter titled "Salvation of the world". The main conclusion which follows from it concerns the attitude of people towards the Returning Redeemer. The point is to recognize it properly and not to "crucify" him. Then our world could begin to revive and we could return to the original scenario foreseen by the Creator. Unfortunately, one must also guard against other mechanisms of evil. The rejection of the incoming Savior does not have to be done through literal murder. We can imagine a complete lack of support for him, a lack of understanding of his teachings, as well as leaving his fate in the hands of politicians and fanatical followers of various religions. Once, in ancient Israel, such a political and religious mix led to the loss of the possibility of full salvation, which Jesus Christ was to accomplish. Unfortunately, the observation of the current situation in the world leads to a black scenario.


I will now turn to the futurological scenario.

What I present here follows logically from the content of my entire study, which I have called the Touch of Eternity. Since I argue that God can not intervene in our world to save it alone, and the inhabitants of the Earth are unable to carry out the process of salvation, it can be done by someone from outside. I still predict that people should do it, though not necessarily from our planet.

From the point of view of someone from the outside, it seems that on one of the planets shaped by the Creator there was a tragedy that still causes suffering to His children.  It is a pity that this fate has just met our Earth.  In my "black" perception, I have described it as a hell in which we must live. Satan who reigns in it and his evil angels are at the same time isolated from the proper, God's spiritual universe. Therefore, finding humanity under their evil rule in a dramatic way stopped our development. Therefore, from our Earth, nobody can enter the perfect spiritual universe immediately after physical death. We live first locked in a physical hell on Earth, and after death we wander in an unknown spiritual world reminiscent of one large waiting sphere.  Its spheres are as if placed in the "big cloud" covering our reality, creating a gigantic extension of our "earth prison".

Is it possible to count on the fact that in this difficult situation other human civilizations will come to help us, which, according to my supposition, may be somewhere in space?

Such a solution, despite great hopes, may not take place yet, if nobody in the universe knows about our dramatic situation. This is quite likely. Perhaps this is not just about the level of technology. For sure it would be difficult to communicate civilization at the level of the oldest period of Babylon culture with civilization at the level of our twenty-first century. Perhaps this is the difference between our civilization and other highly developed ones on those planets. With a less pessimistic scenario, you can imagine our Earth lost in the endless cosmos as a lonely planet, to which no information reaches the rest of the universe, and at the same time no one knows anything about this planet.

However, I'm afraid that the main problem is still somewhere else. It may be that we are a "lonely island of evil" in space, the only fallen human civilization. The evil on our planet could have made us so spoiled and strangers to the universe that there was a huge spiritual "gap" between us and us. In addition, because of evil, we can be so foreign to them that they will be afraid of us. It seems that we can be outside the stabilized good in the universe, as if in an abyss, always on evil. However, I hope that it is not so, because it would be a really black scenario.

I have already written that God is perfect and unchanging. Therefore, on other planets in the universe, similar to Earth, He could create people with a physical structure identical to ours. What is most important is the fact that probably no other human civilization in the universe experienced such a tragedy that our civilization underwent in the Garden of Eden in the first years of its existence. All others should be fully perfect, not contaminated with evil. It gave them hope that they were smart enough to help us. They can invite the same angels who cooperate with us to cooperate with us. For now, these good angels, based on the present humanity, cannot do much, which can be considered bad news.

The good news is that these good angels know our current situation. Therefore, when carrying out the salvation of our Earth, they could be suitable guides for people from other planets. We know that perfect people have even more power than angels. They can therefore stand to duel with Satan, just as Jesus did. Such an army of "saviors" could certainly deal with Satan and his evil spirits. Unfortunately, this good civilization will not come to us with space ships. Only spiritual people can reach Earth. Therefore, it will be necessary to help the physical persons currently living on our planet. Individuals should offer their physical persons to the spiritual people of newcomers from that unpolluted planet evil. This mechanism of the use of a physical person by a "foreign" spiritual person has been foretold by the Creator long ago that all people of all times could participate in the life of both their planet and other inhabited planets in the entire universe. This could mobilize other people on Earth to join the process of clearing the world of evil. Additional help and experience can be offered by spiritual people from paradise, or saints led by Jesus. They know who our main opponent is on Earth. This would eventually lead to the original plans of the Creator and teach us to live in the world under His authority. This process would last until God could be directly involved in our lives. This would happen as a result of the perfection of the first human pair, that is, what Adam and Eve could not achieve. They would become the proper parents of all humanity, giving birth to the Divine pedigree of our race. Then this scenario would be similar to the original scenario described in my study. It would not be a black scenario anymore, but one that leads to the creation of an ideal world. From this follows a simple conclusion, of course very futurological and coming partly from the realm of dreams, that we need salvation from people who already somewhere in the universe realized the Divine concept of the world, the Kingdom of Heaven.


What I wrote above sounds incredible, but it results from a logical analysis of the state of the universe, which, in my opinion, arose in accordance with the concept of the Creator.

Presenting such a futurological vision of the universe, I also thought about people of science, that they would also understand our specific situation. Of course, scientists need not be persuaded to search for civilizations on other planets in space. They have been doing this for a long time. I think that in the near future we will reach the appropriate level of technology enabling effective interplanetary communication, so that in the universe there is something known about us. Then, possibly, we could try to eliminate our hell with outside help.

Is all that I wrote above just fiction? Or maybe it's just my dreams?

The answer to these questions will bring the future...













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