Evil – Introduction

The purpose of essenceism, besides answering the questions who is God, what he is and where he is, is to understand the reality of the world in which we live.

One can speak of a perfect Creator who shaped our reality, but one cannot avoid saying that "His reality" has little to do with the one we have today. For order, essenceism calls God-given reality good and defines our reality as steeped in evil. Of course, the question immediately arises, where did this our one come from and who is its creator.

This evil and its results come from a state that does not comply with the laws established by the Creator. He describes these laws of essenceism as a state of goodness. I have defined evil before on my websites and in books on essenceism. For now, I will limit myself to remind you that the simplest definition of evil is a state incompatible with the concept of the Original Being.

Nowhere in the world has the problem of the existence of evil been solved since the beginning of humanity. This is because it still has its active source in the personality of Satan.

Without eliminating the active source of evil, there will never and nowhere be a return to the proper state of the world, i.e. the existence of good itself.

Essenceism leaves no illusions that humanity should lead to the end of evil on Earth. Therefore, without knowing about the existence of Satan, we will not be able to do it.

Essenceism strongly claims that God does not know evil, and thus will not do this task for us. Therefore, it is worth fully aware of the fact that Satan's dominance over humanity is still valid.

This section presents a broad analysis of evil. These topics include:

= Essenceism as an instrument for analyzing evil


= Moving away from good


= Evil versus good


= The origin of evil


= Identity of the personal evil


= Love and hate


= Lie and truth


= Position of people towards Satan


= The way of Satan's rule


= Understanding the current state of the world


= Recognizing evil in our world


= Consequences of the fact that God does not know evil


= Black scenario for humanity


= Black scenario in a different way


= Why evil is so dangerous


= Consequences of the existence of evil


= The actual state of man












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