Essenceism 5 - Eternity is not from this world

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You have here in front of you the revolutionary view of the world. This book is an example of what the result of approaching religion with the objective research methods used by science. The essenceism system is based on such methods. This book is a continuation of previous studies on this system. So far, studies with the following subtitles have been published: God is not from this world, We are from this world, Evil is from this world and Vision not from this world. Now I am trying to explore what awaits us in the eternal future of reality beyond time and space.

I developed the essenceism system to describe anew the existence of God, the spiritual world and man. It is primarily about understanding the sphere beyond time and space and the Original Being that fills it. I introduced the term the Original Being so that it was not a "religious" God, but a "scientific" one. Such a declaration means a new analysis of the subject matter that religion has so far dealt with. Essenceism does this using the latest scientific advances and departing from all dogma.

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 ESSENCEISM – a research system to determine the First Cause



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