Idea of cognition the truth

 ( epistemology of essenceism )

For centuries, man has been trying to get to know God through his senses. To meet this essenceism, it states that to a certain extent it can be done by using intellect acting on the average intellectual level. Man can get to know God above all with his physical senses, analyzing the world around him, as well as his own intuition and imagination. Human reason is able to embrace a certain number of results of these analyzes and draw specific conclusions from them, based on the main assumptions given in the ontology of essenceism. Unfortunately, I am not able to accurately determine the level of proper knowledge collected in this way during the whole existence of humanity, because it is very diverse and difficult to verify. I suppose that the knowledge of God's evaluation by essenceism as true is small, a few percent compared to the default whole. I must also emphasize the significant impact that phenomena from the spiritual world, in other words from the non-physical sphere, can have on this knowledge.

For reasons mentioned in my other study on the website, a man who is living today is unfortunately a creature at a fairly low level of understanding of the laws of the spiritual world and the Creator himself. In short, this situation arose as a result of an unplanned stop by the Creator of the spiritual development of man at the very beginning of human existence. Knowing this, I adapted essenceism so that it would be a system that would constantly stimulate the development of human thought, to the constant progress of science and to constantly search for new knowledge about everything that is available to man through his senses, intuition and imagination.

At the same time, the system prepares people for analytical acceptance of knowledge generally referred to as religious knowledge. Essenceism persists for new searches, for not accepting the stagnation of spiritual knowledge. It appeals to members of all faiths, churches and even sects to try to break free from the yoke of dogma. It also inclines to the non-practice of the traditional teachings proclaimed by religious leaders as unchangeable and indisputable, and the truths they quote as revealed truth. In the end, it persuades everyone, including non-believers in any god, to constantly ponder the meaning of life. This may release a reflection on the possibility of existence of the First Cause and the eternity.

At the end, I give the "private" principle that the reason for a particular person stops when the other man's right appears. Therefore, when gaining knowledge, we need to analyze as many people's reasons as possible, so that our arguments can be agreed and harmonized with other reasons. This is because every person is different and his reasons can often be different from ours. And probably the most often.










 ESSENCEISM – a research system to determine the First Cause



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