Idea of the free will

Essenceism analyzes the existence of the free will in a human being mainly because of the fact that many religions perceive the existence of evil in its existence. It is worth analyzing the fact that a man has free will. The first association leads to the conclusion that the Original Being, with absolute Free Will, gave His children all the qualities of His personality, including a free will. What is worrying, then, is the translation of many confessions that after receiving this gift, humanity used it to start a world incompatible with the concept of the Creator. It comes to this belief that the same Creator is to save us from the effects of the evil thus created.

The fundamental mistake of "religious" reasoning regarding the causes of evil is the assumption that everything that people come up with and then put into practice must be known to God at the same time. You can, of course, agree with the fact that our thoughts arising from the action of the original nature received from God can be known to Him. However, it is difficult to agree with the fact that the thoughts generated by the fallen nature inherited from Satan can reach Him. According to essenceism, this is not the case. My system claims that people can think of and create something inconsistent with the divine concept of creation, something outside of Him, something independent of Him. It is, of course, about evil. So, could the mechanism of evil creation by people and the Archangel be unknown to God? Can evil be the "product" of the evil Archangel and people and be unknown to God? Yes, it is.

Freedom is a certain state of functioning, that is, the sphere in which the person realizing his free will moves. Therefore, free will can be defined as the ability to take unlimited decisions. At least this is determined by researchers dealing with this phenomenon. It is therefore a state, not a force that can cause specific effects. This is an argument in proving that freedom was not the cause of evil.

Of course, free will can only create a state of readiness to make a decision leading to evil, but making this decision requires the action of a force that is not in freedom. For example, freedom can lead us to the edge of the abyss, but crossing its edge ends freedom. Internal strength is needed to make any decision. In the case of the described situation, after crossing the edge of the abyss, the force of gravity begins to act, which pulls the man down. Man's actions are governed by purpose-driven forces, and his personality status, including free will, only gives them the opportunity to act.

In the case of the fall of a man described by religious books, it should be stated that the free will of man was only a platform for the emergence of evil, but the fall caused a force greater than the force to preserve life. In my opinion, evil was created by changing the direction of love towards a direction that is contrary to that which God has appointed. This change in the awareness of the proper direction of love caused the lie of Archangel Lucifer. What we did was the result of this lie and it was unknown to the Creator. Therefore, after the fall, God could not find Adam. He could not and cannot introduce evil into His consciousness because He has no knowledge of the mechanism of its creation and implementation, which the first men and the Archangel used. He is a perfect, absolute and complete Creator. It cannot be supplemented, modified or improved with new knowledge about a bad one that He did not have in Himself. The perfect God cannot be changed by imperfect people. Our evil action can not affect Him. Evil was and still is incompatible with His law and state of consciousness.

Thus, evil is a unique "product" created by the Archangel, Adam and Eve, who with this "product" found themselves outside of God. Because of the creation of evil, they became other beings whom God did not create, that is, Satan and fallen people. Free will, just like other human qualities, is indispensable for man to become a perfect partner for the Original Being. In the case of human condition in the period of growing up to perfection, the power of love, ill-targeted, surpassed the power of life, leading them to spiritual death. It is not a free choice, but the lack of control of love has led people to break with God. Because God does not know this state, people have to deal with it themselves. You can find more about this from my publications and from









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