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Both science and religion explain the course of various historical events in their own way. Science indicates rather the political and economic conditions of the evolution of our history, while religion sees the intervention of Higher Power in their course. Science has not yet found any logical explanation for the meaning of our entire history, which is very surprising, because science should have done so long ago. Meanwhile, surprisingly, religion gives the "logical meaning" of our history as the Creator's action leading to the creation of the so-called Kingdom of Heaven. So, are we to be guided by political and economic considerations or the marginalized providential conditions during the study of our history?

I tried to show that political and economic conditions may in fact have less influence on the course of human history than often marginalized spiritual conditions.

However, now I will return to these conditions once again in order to show that even behind the scenes of economic and political events may be the operation of the rights of God’s Providence. Let me remind you again what I mean by Providence written in capital letters. Divine Providence is the action of God's laws and principles that guides everything created by God to a state of perfection. In the present state of the world, it acts as a permanent signpost to the people living in a fallen world in the correct direction of the path to the Kingdom of Heaven. On the other hand, humanity is still under the severe influence of forces contrary to the concept of Providence. I will therefore examine who or what stands behind the scenes of human history.

First, we need to know what is the level of understanding of the Creator's existence and His influence on the shaping of our civilization. I remind you that only people can determine it in the entire universe. The number of those who believe in the existence of some Original Causative Being is many times greater than those who think that He does not exist. Even if this statistic was not so unfavorable for non-believers, it can be seen that this situation is the cause of deep social divisions due to beliefs. This creates a state of instability of political structures and, above all, it is the origin of conflicts.

Exactly the same reasoning applies to the possibility of existence of the causative power of evil, or Satan. Unfortunately, the number of those who believe only in the causative power of God prevails, and they do not believe in the parallel influence of the power of evil. To make matters worse, faith in the existence of God without faith in the existence of Satan causes that God is not only a source of good, but He also allows evil. And in fact it is not. Meanwhile, the existence of a huge evil causative power can explain many phenomena in the history of mankind.  For example, this is about political phenomena, or power.

Usually, we are dealing with publications of research results that do not take into account the influence of forces from the spiritual world regarding the course of human history. Therefore, in this report I feel obliged to present the results of my thoughts related to the effects of these forces on our everyday life. It is most often seen through the mechanisms of power at various levels of society. Positively approaching the issue, power is needed in a situation where many or very many people must live in one environment, starting from the family, through various organizations, and ending with specific states and the whole world. It is here that the colossal difference between the order arising from God's providence and the contradictory action of Satan manifests itself most. It is power that is the main place of activity of the mechanisms of evil. As I explained this in several places in this study, the influence of "the master of this world" on social phenomena is many times more powerful than the laws and principles derived from the Creator.

These changes lead to a situation in which most of the world will be governed in a democratic way. This system of government has been developing for a long time, but it has only recently become more and more of the right shape. To tell the truth, people sensed that there should be a perfect system for managing large communities. They saw how their own body functions. It was a kind of model of perfect organization of social life. It could be a clue as to what a real democracy should look like.

According to one theory, European democracy derives from Christianity. In this case, the slogan "freedom, equality, fraternity" is too secular. It's the last part, or brotherhood. It is begging that next to freedom and equality, which are close to the ideals of the Creator, the word love appears, which has much more value than brotherhood. Then democracy would gain a close relationship with the greatest human value. It would then have much deeper spiritual foundations and thanks to that she would be much more durable.

So why do we need democracy?

We have a lot of bad experiences after the rule of emperors, kings, satraps, self-governing dictators, revolutionary committees, and especially after the rule of the communist totalitarianism. For now, we can clearly say that the only reasonably good solution is democracy. Unfortunately, in its present form, it is often not very satisfying, imperfect, and sometimes simply untrue. This is because almost no one wonders what its form would be the closest to a social system consistent with the laws established by the Creator.

The basic condition of democracy are free, universal, equal and fair elections, which select the representatives of the nation in the form of a parliament, an independent president, various local self-government bodies and independent judges.

The second basic condition is the division of powers. Representatives of the nation should maintain an appropriate division into legislative, executive and judiciary power.

A certain opposite of the proper democracy should be the countries with a totalitarian communist system. There are elections there, there is a parliament, the government and the president, the judiciary is working, but everyone knows that the functioning of the state is controlled centrally by the political party and there is no real democracy there.

Unfortunately, this phenomenon has a much larger range, but less noticeable. In countries considered to be democratic, in which there are institutions chosen by all citizens, everything seems to be theoretically fine. Meanwhile, often the state of democracy in many countries is far from ideal, because people exercising power in them derive experiences from totalitarianism, especially from communism.

I would like to emphasize once again that the real model for democracy is the human body. The plane for its functioning is the skeletal and muscular system moved by the nervous system, the central point of which is the brain. As for the current life support, we actually have its three main systems: respiratory, circulatory and digestive. Although these three structures of our body cooperate with each other while maintaining vital functions, they simultaneously operate independently of each other. Of course, the human body cannot function without any of these systems and without their harmonious cooperation. However, the penetration of one of them to the other most often causes death. For example, a man can suffocate with an excess of food. It is also dangerous to get blood into the digestive or respiratory system, because its presence there usually means fatal internal hemorrhage. All three must therefore be separated from each other so that they can form one healthy human body.

The state organism should function in a democratic system in the same way. The state operates in a specific area related to communication systems resembling a human body. There are citizens in it who are able to connect to political parties whose activity can be similar to the functioning of the nervous system in the human body. On the other hand, power can be compared to the operation of three systems (respiratory, blood and digestive) that support life. This means that the legislative, executive and judiciary powers should be effectively separated. We can speak about democracy only when the three authorities, acting in control of each other, act separately and do not interfere in their competences. By the very principle of operation of this system, they should be equal, selectable by the majority of citizens and cooperate on the basis of one constitution. Then we can talk about a harmonious state organism.

Actually, we can only expect true democracy under the patronage of the Creator, who can be compared to the human brain. At the same time, his laws and principles could be compared to the principles of functioning of a healthy human body. Their proper writing would be the basis of the universally binding constitution. Unfortunately, it is still in the realm of dreams. No one can be forbidden to dream about it, because these dreams can come true one day. For now, we have a "different brain", but it will be below.

Poor democracy can be threatened by totalitarianism. It is the system by which evil in the world is still doing well. Totalitarianism is a total denial of democracy. He rules with fear and coercion. It treats a man almost like an animal that can be subordinated to both, teach the required behavior and make obedience to power. It proclaims that he wants to help people, introducing order, order and justice, and in fact strives to take full control over the lives of individuals and entire societies. It is still looking for enemies to justify the need for his existence. It only considers the values chosen by it for the good. It often uses a lie, which allows him to break the laws established in democracy with impunity. Most often it cannot be removed by democratic methods, and stopping its rule is almost always connected with a blood donation. Generally speaking, such a dictatorship is completely contrary to the divine concept of a civilization guided by true love and good. That is why I say that totalitarianism is a system that has preserved injustice for centuries on our Earth and is a constant, recurring mechanism that keeps our fallen civilization at a constant level of evil. 

If a politician or political party uses untruth to win democratic elections or to stay in power, it means that it fits into the mechanism of maintaining power by the "master of this world". That's what he used untruthfully in the Garden of Eden, so that he would lie over the first people. If he did this with two innocent children of God, then the more so this technique can deceive members of every society in a fallen world. Through the lies in the Garden of Eden, Satan gained power over people and "arranged" our civilization for us. Therefore, anyone who takes an example from it creates evil. This translates into the emergence of totalitarianisms in societies and perpetuates the "arranging" of the world in an anti-divine way. The citizens of every country should pay attention to such behavior of politicians.

Unfortunately, behind the scenes of the development history of the present democracy, which should be based on the eternal laws of God, often the same illegal "ruler" is standing, which in the Garden of Eden prevented the creation of the world under the supremacy of Heavenly Father. For now, he has no intention of giving his authority to the legitimate Creator of humanity. The fruit of the situation is the present imperfect state of democracy, which we all witness, sometimes even painfully experiencing it on our own skin.

Based on the above analysis, it can be said that without understanding who is behind the scenes of our history, it is impossible to find the proper sense of the course of history. This time, science, which always uses logic, should recognize a certain superiority of the "spiritual" vision of our history.


















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