Idea of duality according to essenceism


The starting point for this topic is the teaching of many religious denominations whose message is a differently understood dualism. It can be reduced to the phenomenon that, besides a good God, favorable to people, there is a bad god, hostile to people. Thousands of studies have been created on the subject of duality in religions, and hundreds of them have taken the form of doctorates.

Essenceism, presenting the existence of the only source of right and good reality, or the Original Being, also notes the existence of another, this wrong, or bad reality. We have been dealing with evil almost from the beginning of our civilization, that is symbolically from the times of Adam and Eve. It obscures the right reality and is still doing well. The phenomenon of the existence of evil is the reason for the constant suffering of humanity. It is not difficult to say that we live in a world that is not what it should be.

In the symbolic Garden of Eden, everything went wrong, as it should result from the concept of the Creator. A different world was created in which there is both good from the Creator and evil from Satan. In this dualism we live to the present times.

So the matter seems simple. It is enough to remove the evil from our world definitively so that the desired Kingdom of Heaven will be created, in which there will be only good. Eliminating evil is best accomplished by removing its source, that is, Satan. Unfortunately, it is not easy to remove the spiritual being which is the transubstantiation of the wisest spiritual being, that is, the Archangel Lucifer, in the most hostile creature, that is, in Satan. He has had direct contact with humanity from the beginning. Our whole story is proof of this.

Therefore, according to the above reasoning, there are no two gods on our Earth. There is only one: Satan - occupying the position of the Creator.

According to essenceism, it is possible to proclaim the following word to people: either God or evil. It follows that God and evil cannot coexist together. We must therefore clearly separate these two "worlds" to understand our present reality. This means that the Original Being and the "pure" good remain in the sphere beyond time and space, and we with Satan, that is with evil and with our "damaged good", remain in the flawed reality inherent in the spacetime of the universe. It's like "heaven" and "earth" or like heaven and hell.

In practice, one should take into account the fact that the duality between good and evil does not take place between the good Original Being and the evil Satan. It plays out properly between beings from the Original Being. They know both good and evil, which He does not know.

If Satan, apparently the wisest of all spiritual beings, is the personification of evil, then his true opposite must be the essence of good. In the spiritual world, that is beyond time and space, it can be any other archangel, but in the physical world it must be a man whose religions define as a child of God, and essenceism adds that he is also an eternally existing being. However, this cannot be just a good man. It must be someone independent of Satan, not inheriting his fallen nature, completely pure and coming directly from the Creator. These terms mean the perfect man, or perfect Adam, or rather the Son of God. Thus, duality means dividing on one hand Satan and his demons, and on the other hand, the Son of God and his saints. This is a bipolar situation. Taking into account the slogan mentioned above, one can add to it a comment that we still have to choose between good and evil. This situation creates a mixture of good and evil in us, and therefore we still struggle between the two poles.

It is worth realizing that the problem for religion is not God but the elimination of evil. This means the need for people of faith to act together to explain the fact that we are still on Earth "the evil master of this world" and that we must work out the birth of the Son of God on the Earth. This process requires people to meet the same conditions that would allow someone like Jesus Christ to appear on Earth. So behind the scenes of human history is the duality between the Son of God and Satan. If the Son of God prevails, then the "religious" duality will end and the Kingdom of Heaven will rise. If Satan prevails, then ... I see it in black...










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