Essenceism as an instrument for analyzing evil


Since evil has been functioning in our civilization for thousands of years, and since our world is not getting better because of it, this fact should lead to a deep analysis of our situation. Science always investigates the causes of all phenomena, so it would be good for it to make its research methods available to understand evil as the cause of human suffering on our planet.

It is for this reason that essenceism has set itself the task of examining evil and its causes using methods similar to scientific. Of course, it is difficult to use mainstream science to address metaphysical problems, but you can adapt some scientific research instruments to explore this sphere of human activity.

After presenting the Original Being in the first book about my analytical system and the ideas related to its existence in the second book, I proceed in this third to a detailed analysis of the causes of the current bad condition of our civilization. At the beginning, essenceism confirms the existence of good as the heart of the operation and existence of the Original Being. Now he is moving to the worse side of human existence, i.e. the phenomenon of evil. So in the next chapters topics such as the genesis of evil and its personal form will be analyzed. Negative phenomena resulting from them that destroy human personality and the state of our civilization will also be presented.






 ESSENCEISM – a research system to determine the First Cause



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