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Essenceism suggests that love and beauty are connected together as a subject and an object during the interaction of feelings arising in a human being. This understanding of feelings refers to the whole of human functioning. This is he who combines the common understanding of phenomena that are both external, as well as internal, visible and invisible, physical and spiritual. It can be given the name of the aesthetic harmony. From the concept of human origin in essenceism, it appears that man is the only entity that can exist both in the space-time of the universe, and in the sphere beyond time and space, and even in both these "environments" simultaneously. It is about his presence in the physical and spiritual world. Such a state results from the fact that according to essenceism, man during his development is a harmonious combination of a physical person and spiritual person, that is, his physical and spiritual senses form a harmonious whole.

Man's aesthetics harmony matures simultaneously with experiencing child, marital and parental love. These are three types of love that lead to perfect love. In subsequent stages of love, there is simultaneous progress in discovering and understanding beauty. Such a state, of course, applies to the world in the original concept of the Creator, and only to a small extent to our imperfect civilization.

According to essenceism, which aims to make everyone aware of the original concept of the world, the combination of love and beauty is a kind of impulse for the development of our personality. We could inherit this state only from the Original Being. Essenceism, therefore, shows the Creator as a model of aesthetics ahead of other jumpers. The starting point is His Personality, because he sees her as the beginning of love and beauty.

Essenceism deduced this pattern based on the Creator's activity in which He engaged His Adjectives. Therefore, He has in Himself an Intelligence, Will and Feeling focused in His Center called the Heart. This is how you imagine the nucleus of the Personality of the Original Being. The mentioned third main attribute, called Sensitivity, causes "outflow" the Love from His Heart, which is a kind of subjective energy. As a result of her receiving the direction of action given by Intelligence and Will, Love becomes a force. The strength of love is subjective and active, while beauty is objective and passive. During the process of creation, the activity of the power of love stimulates the state of matter, shaping it into harmonious forms, perceived as beauty. Beauty is therefore a reaction to the creative action of love.

In summary, the aesthetics of essenceism describes beauty and its forms stimulated by love. When beauty corresponds with love with its existence, then harmony evokes a number of aesthetic phenomena. It can start with emotion and end with the establishment of a permanent good, that is, the state in which a person should live. Then a permanent ideal of beauty is formed, combined with good. That's how nature appears, including the natural images of the Earth, as well as phenomena in the entire universe. This is how love between a man and a woman appears to us. The harmony between them is evident in the fact that love brings out beauty, and beauty in turn stimulates the development of love. Then the circle is closed in the form of unity, adapting to the pattern of aesthetics originally given by the Creator.

One can say, therefore, that the Original Being of the Being, which uses perfect love, sees in the objects created by Him only beauty and goodness, and cannot know evil. Sometimes we experience it ourselves when we love others so much that we see only beauty and goodness in it, and we cannot see evil.

It is worth adding here a digression explaining the relationship between the subject and the object in the case of creating beauty with the love of the author.

Each authentic creator should unite with his work an inseparable bond. The more the author gets involved in his creative act, the more he is related to it. The most engaged artist reflects all his skills and emotions in his work, just himself. In the case of the Creator, his action usually has the character of a creative process that affects the entire future. If he does something and decides that it is good, then it is the definition of the perfect state of reality and at the same time the pattern of beauty.











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