Original nature in man


Original nature - according to essenceism is a primitive character inherited from the Creator inherent in our spiritual person. It is a theological concept, therefore it should be explained "religiously" and not scientifically.

According to the biblical story of the beginnings of humanity, the first son of God Adam and His first daughter Eve were directly with God in the Garden of Eden. This message does not have to mean a picturesque period from the so-called paradise, but the fact of Heavenly Father's close relationship with His children based on their original nature. Breaking this bond due to a tragic event with the participation of Archangel Lucifer is a message informing us of the emergence of a new reality unknown to the Creator. This reality was embodied in the emergence in man of the wrong nature opposite to the original, i.e. fallen. It largely drown out the original one, practically preventing people from contacting God.

According to essenceism, this means that the Original Being was separated from people by the "new god" - Satan. This fact, however, does not mean that God is moving away from people. He remains in His proper reality, to which people must someday return. Heavenly Father never left His children, even when they left Him. After all, there is still a spiritual person given to man by the Creator. Its character is the original nature, the nucleus of our original personality, i.e. the place of God's direct presence. This is the result of his "breath" which we receive at birth. From this moment begins an eternal relationship with Heavenly Father, which serves man in reaching perfection. Unfortunately, this original bond is now only a thin thread of communication, because after the fall of Adam and Eve it was not given it proper development. The original nature will remain in us forever, no matter how we act. We feel it most often as an action of our conscience. This is our reaction to the fact that His laws and principles, which are God's providence, continue permanently and is the basis for the future Kingdom of Heaven. These laws exist actively and influence our will to "return" to His Creator. Many people sense God's Providence as Love flowing into them, which evokes in them constant faith and hope that one day we will be together with Heavenly Father in His Kingdom. Unfortunately, the level of our relationship with God cannot exceed the level that took place in the Garden of Eden. God's will invariably causes us to have a constant desire to return to the lost Kingdom of Heaven, which is the unwavering hope of the original nature we received from the Creator. This constant desire can be read in the words "Your Kingdom come, or Your will...". In our world, the result of this kind of communication should be to work out a situation in which someone like Jesus Christ may appear. Therefore, God remains in this situation waiting for the positive results of the actions of people, angels and the Savior. For humanity, this time means a return in the revived form of Adam and Eve to a position that was lost in the Garden of Eden.

According to essenceism, it is worth recalling once again that a person's spiritual person is actually just man. It was created in the "image and likeness" because its pattern, that is, the Spirit of God, is a Divine Spiritual Person. Therefore, a spiritual person is a spiritual being with a spiritual body and a central spiritual attribute, which essenceism defines as a spiritual soul. The spiritual body, sometimes called the astral body, is the basis of life energy for our eternal existence. It was shaped from God's Energy and is directed by the said spiritual soul which is the center of existence and the quintessence of human personality. The spiritual soul is best called internal inherent directing nature, whose functioning is manifested in the form of the original nature of man. It emerged from the personality of God, our Creator. Together with the Energy from Him, contained in our immaterial body, it makes us eternal personalities and His children. Just as the physical soul in the body of each of us directs our five senses and constitutes the life-supporting instinct, the spiritual soul performs similar functions towards the spiritual person. It directs our spiritual senses and is the center of our intelligence, will and emotionality, which reflect the appropriate qualities of the Original Being.








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