Essenceism 3 - Evil is from this world

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This book is a continuation of two previous titles: Essenceism - God is not of this world and Essenceizm 2 - We are of this world. Now I present the last part of this series about evil. The propositions contained in this book are derived from the attributes of the Original Being described in the first of these books. My system essenceism was also presented there, referring scientifically to the most important phenomena in our reality, i.e. the existence of the First Cause of the universe and spirituality in man. The second book on essenceism has scientifically referred to concepts that most often deal with philosophy or religion. Now we have another study on essenceism regarding the existence of evil.

The evil described in this book is such an important element of our lives that I decided to use the tools of essenceism to realize the causes, condition and conditions of its elimination. In creating this analysis, I mainly used the description of the emergence of evil presented in the Bible. This is the world's best known description of the departure of humanity from the original state of good to the state burdened with evil. Of course, I do not treat this description as a source of scientific knowledge, but as a symbolic relation of events impossible to study with instruments of science.

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 ESSENCEISM – a research system to determine the First Cause



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