Where do we live now according to essenceism?

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To answer the above question, you need to imagine the current state of the universe based on the following figure obtained from the Internet.

It is a graphic image of the universe as a structure existing in a certain environment. In this structure, identified with time-space, all the material and energy forms known to us exist (for example, dark energy, dark matter or elementary particles) and all the laws of the natural sciences.

This structure appeared at some point, as if out of nowhere. This moment was called the Big Bang. However, this was not a phenomenon of an explosion known to us that arises in space-time. I would call this phenomenon more implosion (the reverse of the explosion), resulting from the transformation of the primary energy existing in the sphere beyond time and space into matter and different forms of energy filling the expanding space-time.

Our universe seems to have emerged from the sphere beyond time and space, and now it "floats" or "stuck" in it. This is the best way to imagine the present state of all things.

This is the beginning of the analysis of the state of the universe that surrounds us according to essenceism.

Our Earth is, of course, part of the cosmos. The question is, what part of it? Unfortunately, very small, almost unimaginably insignificant. On the other hand, we feel as if we were alone in the entire cosmos, aspiring to the position of rulers of omnipotence. From the physical point of view, such a total rule of the universe is absurd. It looks completely different from the point of view of man's spirituality, or the eternal existence of his spiritual person. However, this is a topic that has been considered "theological" until now. However, essenceism attempts to capture it in a new way. It is about belonging the second, eternal part of our life to the sphere beyond time and space, that is to the spiritual world. I write about it in two themes in this study, i.e. in the chapters: "The spiritual world" and "spiritual beings".

From this reasoning it follows that man, as an eternal spiritual person, can actually penetrate without limitations of time and space to any place covering both the universe and the sphere outside it. Thus, the spiritual person lives as a ubiquitous citizen of both space-time and spheres beyond time and space. In this situation, we can actually feel like the rulers of the universe or like gods. Anyway, deriving from the Original Being, that is, from the "theological" Creator, we inherit from him the attributes of eternity and omnipresence. It is a very building knowledge, though it does not take into account the existence of evil. I write about it on my website www.istota.org.

The following topics in this study explain in more detail what the surrounding state of the universe is according to essenceism.

= My reality analysis


= My vision of the All Things


= The space-time of cosmos and what is beyond of it


= Peculiarities and necessities


= Understanding of God’s presence


= Laws and principles of the system


= The spiritual world


= The spiritual beings















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