Fallen nature in man


Fallen nature is a theological concept, so it should be explained "religiously". The mechanisms of its creation, and above all the whole process that took place at the beginning of human history, was analyzed by me at www.istota.net.

There, I also explained the fall of man and the appearance of a being called Satan, from whom we inherit fallen nature. At first glance, it manifests itself in the absence of direct contact with God, the inability to assess reality from God's point of view, the inability to perceive the action of His original laws and principles, as well as the failure to realize the proper course of life assigned to man. As I mentioned, it has its roots in the fall process in the Garden of Eden. Then Satan became the "father" of humanity. All his intentions, thoughts and ways of acting, arising in him during the fall from the good state of Archangel Lucifer to the state of evil being called Satan, spread to people. So they became his heirs in the new evil kingdom called hell. Embodied in the personality of Satan, fallen nature has been inherited by all spiritual persons of people coming into the world in a fallen world. It functions alongside our original nature, inherited originally from the Creator. Unfortunately, the original one did not develop enough and was drowned out by the fallen one. Religions call what happened in the Garden of Eden, original sin, and unanimously express the belief that this sin is inherited by all people, regardless of our will. We are simply born with this stigma that is constantly manifested in the form of fallen nature. Both original sin and fallen nature cannot be simply removed from man. That is why humanity needs salvation, which in a nutshell is a process opposite to the fall of the first people. Generally, fallen nature comes from accepting the lie of the "serpent" of the Garden of Eden, in which he claims that people will not die and that the Creator knows both good and evil. Unfortunately, after doing what Satan had promised them, people died spiritually for God and learned the evil that God does not know. This lie became the beginning of hell on Earth and separated us from God. This condition continues to this day.

The first people as a result of the fall were as if "soaked" evil. In addition, this phenomenon is hereditary. From the first moments of the appearance of each new man in the world, something like an evil algorithm has been affecting him. Although the spiritual person whom the Creator gives us at birth is pure, i.e. without evil, immediately after our birth the evil algorithm creates a fallen nature in us.

During the fall, the hierarchy of the created world was "upside down". People adopted the concept of understanding reality from the Archangel, and rejected the concept of the Creator because they did not implement the warning about not eating "fruit". In this way, evil penetrated the sphere of human personality and became a source of fallen nature, i.e. something like a perverted character. Every day, the basic feature of our fallen nature is manifested in the frequent dominance of evil over good, i.e. in practice - lies over the truth. Unfortunately, the "father of lies" took over the people. All power, even the democratically elected one, tends to dominate people, take away their freedom, force them to follow its principles, which rarely have anything to do with the original rules of life, prepared by the Creator. In the Garden of Eden, the Archangel, a servant of God and man, unlawfully ruled over God's child. This condition has spread to our social lives because still different tyrants, magnates or bad leaders rule humanity, prompting us to create evil even on a large scale. I will only mention the phenomenon of Adolf Hitler. He was able to negatively influence a powerful nation to persuade him to participate in the numerous atrocities of the Second World War that he had begun. There was a genocide that had never happened on this planet before.

The process of the fall also showed that the legacy of evil is transmitted through a sexual act, which in the original intention of the Creator was to serve something extremely different: the transfer of the heritage of good from God. Meanwhile, this act and its effects are another basic mechanism for maintaining our fallen nature. Everyone knows about sexual degeneration, about the harm caused by sexual desire, about crimes and crimes against this background. Despite thousands of years of human civilization, this problem, which unfortunately dominates in interpersonal relations, has never been found anywhere. What was supposed to bring the greatest happiness and joy now is a source of uninterrupted misfortunes and tragedies. This is because fallen nature cannot be eradicated by any teaching methods or even by means of legal coercion. Human civilization can only be repaired through the process of salvation, the meaning of which should be understood by every person. For now, however, our fallen nature invariably supports existing hell.









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