God does not know the evil

 it means

The true God does not know evil


The contradiction between the fact that God is good, and the existence of evil

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The scientist, while studying the topic marked in the title, should keep his research methods, despite the fact that he deals with a problem for which science has practically no research tools. However, at least he should focus on the questions that are typical for himself, which is used by science: Who?, What?, how?, How?, avoiding engaging in question: What for? Exceptionally, he may try to answer the question: Why?, although the attempt to answer them will make him become a philosopher.

At the same time, the researcher investigating the case should not automatically accept "church" terminology for such important concepts as God, man, soul, angel or Satan. Religions most often use dogma in the records in their doctrines of faith or in the interpretation of their holy books for centuries. In the meantime, a scientist does not have to make such assumptions as religion does. He cannot, like the people of faith, grope in the subject he studied. For the coherence of the entirety of knowledge about the universe, he is rather obliged to use in subsequent studies the latest achievements of his colleagues.

Therefore, I should objectively define the basic concepts, especially such as God, man, good or evil. At the same time, I will try to determine the absolute state of reference for this research, i.e. the real fact of the existence of the True Original Being.

1. General terms

1.1 God – Original Being

Under the concept of True God, I understand the object of my analysis. I will call that God the Original Being later in this study. I am introducing the term Original Being in order to make it as scientifically as possible to objectively examine the possibility of the First Cause or Creator of All Things. I will not refer to various "gods" shaped by the theologies of many denominations that have arisen over the centuries.  The True God analyzed here is not Zeus, Demiurge, Osiris, Ormuzd, the Great Manitou, Yahweh, Allah or God the Father.

Of course, on the later pages of this text I will use the word "God" many times to describe the Original Being. Exceptionally, when analyzing biblical texts, I will use the term Heavenly Father in meaning of "biblical" God.

You do not need the Bible, the Koran, or any other holy book to understand the Original Being. His existence and attributes result from the cosmos that surrounds us. After a deep analysis of the space-time of the universe and the "space" beyond it, i.e. the sphere beyond time and space, I came to the conclusion that such a Being is a necessity. It forced me to very careful analysis of theoretical astrophysics, classical physics, quantum physics and many other sciences, including, of course, biology. All this were to find facts of the necessity of the First Cause of All Things.

The original Being is a Being existing from retrograde infinity, that is, always. In the development of this definition, it should be added that the Original Being which we connect with eternity exists both now and in infinite future. This, of course, cannot be proved. This is for the moment the starting condition, which I assume as an assumption. It results from the intuitive understanding of God as the Initial Necessity.  This assumption will be constantly checked. Every valid statement in this elaboration is subject to verification using the phrase: "if such a Original Being exists, then ...". The result of this verification will depend on the final result of this study.

It should be added that the Original Being should be the Efficient First Cause, because this is the primary reason why we are even wondering about His existence.

Of course, if such a Being exists, then it must be the Absolute, Perfect and Eternal and be associated with the source of absolute Good.

The absoluteness of this Being means that He is independent of anything and no one. Therefore, He is an "unconditional" Being, also independent of our opinion about Him.

That the Original Being is perfect means that it is His maximum and final state, and also the ultimate dimension of what He does. In practice, it should be understood that His works do not require improvement or modification to become even more perfect.  Their condition is "refined" in every respect.

To complete these definitions, it should be added that the Original Being, which I also refer to as the source of all things, is the foundation of morality felt as the existence of only good.

Therefore, if we take God seriously as the First Cause of All Things, then in the examination of everything that surrounds us, we should take into account the above-mentioned attributes.  He should be a Being creating only goodness, beauty and love, and be a source of perfect wisdom and omniscience. The Bible emphasizes that after each day of creation the Creator stated that he created good. From this follows the logical conclusion that if God had created the universe with the above attributes, then there could be no place in it for something like evil.

1. 2. Man - eternal being

Based on the observation of the evolving human civilization, one should assume that man is not an animal.  In that case, it is worth considering its similarity to the Original Being. One should also take into account the fact that man is the only entity known to us for the time being who assesses the attributes of the Original Being, treating some of them as "his".

How, then, to describe a man?

When we talk to another person, we do not talk with the elements of his body, but with "someone who is inside".

Therefore, human beings should be described as being the integration of a physical person and a spiritual person. The former is a body endowed with senses and instincts, a bit reminiscent of animal senses. In the meantime, the spiritual person is a being that I will judge in relation to the Original Being. It replaces the concept of the soul in my analysis. I claim that it emerges from the Original Being as a newborn emerges from the mother's womb. This is referred to in the Bible as the "breath of the Creator" causing the first man to become a living being. This can be interpreted as the transfer of the eternal part of the Creator Personality to man. Therefore, the birth of a spiritual person is not the result of fertilization, as is the case in the case of physical conception in the womb of a woman.

In this case the spiritual person is shaped from the first moments in Original Being, that is, from His Energy called the Energy of the First Cause. When a newborn leaves the mother's womb, it is implanted in the biological organism as a new personality emerged from Personality of the Creator. He is transmitting in it a part of Himself. Thanks to this we can talk about eternity contained in man. Then we go further through life, we reach a state when our physical body is old and unnecessary, and then we throw off this carnal shell. From that moment on, we already live as a proper spiritual man. Therefore, we are an invisible being living eternally in the world beyond the time and space that religion calls the spiritual world. In this way, I define a human being as an eternal being from the moment of birth.

2. Preliminary analysis of biblical records

In the Garden of Eden, the "biblical" God - the Heavenly Father asks: "Where are you, Adam?" (Gen 3,9).  Was Adam lost somewhere in the recesses of this Garden? Apparently something like that happened that they stopped seeing. The creator should be omniscient in all of His omnipotence, so it is not simply getting lost. Adam seems to have fallen beyond the framework of the then world, whose image was the Garden of Eden. He ceased to be "visible" because he found himself in the realm of an evil, unknown Creator. There is also no specific information that Adam has found himself, that is to say, whether he remained in the sphere subordinate to Heavenly Father. There was, however, an exchange of opinions between them, but it only confirmed the fact that the Creator's control over man was lost. This was the first signal of the appearance of evil, a condition that has nothing to do with God. His children lost contact with him. They only had to communicate with the words "at a distance", that is, prayer, because they were no longer together with their Heavenly Father. Thus, the first people left symbolically east of Eden, which is where one lives in the unknown world of their creator. With later biblical records, especially in    based on the words of Jesus Christ, it follows that from now on they had a new god, other than before. The world's major religions call him Satan.

If the Creator knew evil, then by creating a man in His image, he would also transfer knowledge about evil for a man. It would mean that the first people would know evil from their birth. However, it was not. The biblical text shows that they were completely "pure" and innocent. The creator could have known about the possibility of temporally creating something other than Him, something that is the absolute and only exception in His omniscience. The period of growth to perfection is a time in which man is not under the direct control of God, but only under the action of His principles and laws, that is, under the protection of His Providence. This confirms the content of the Creator's statement that despite the possibility of "eating fruit" from the infinite number of "trees of this Garden", however, there is such a unique "tree" from which one cannot "eat" (Genesis 3, 2-5). This is also confirmed by the appearance of death, which threatened after this "ingestion". Spiritual life is eternal because it comes from the eternal Creator. Once given, it is always there. One cannot literally die spiritually, although one can find himself able to separate himself from God, beyond his omnipotence, beyond his reality. Thus, the death described in the Bible, as a result of the "consumption of the fruit" from the so-called tree of knowledge of good and evil, means finding oneself beyond the proper life coming from God.  Actually, it means a transition to another reality, the author of which was not God and in which He was no longer a Father to people. The biblical statement was about death, which is the entrance to the specific sphere of death, to the peculiarity being the only unique place where God does not exist. So in the warning of Heavenly Father was not about simple physical death, because Adam and Eve lived very long after leaving the Garden of Eden. It was about the possibility of "disappearing" from the sphere in which God exists. The introduction of this unique situation first of all affected the first people, because at the moment of their spiritual death, the world prepared by the Creator "died" for them. Thus evil is a state inconsistent with the sense of existence of both the Creator and the original concept of human existence.

3. "Religious" definitions of good and evil

On the following pages of this text I will explain in more detail how the evil arose.  Now, for the sake of clarity, I enclose only short definitions of good and evil (usually "religious").

a) in the sense of activity - good is the action and result of action in accordance with the Will of God, and evil is action and the result of an action incompatible with the Will of God.

b) in the sense of the state - good means the Kingdom of Heaven, that is, the world under God's control, and evil the hell, or the world under Satan's rule.

c) in the sense of personification - good is embodied into the Creator and evil in the form of Satan.

d) in the sense of existence - good is a peculiarity that lasts forever, that is, infinity, and evil is transitory and will be liquidated sometime.

e) in the sense of current reality - good is what should always be, and evil what should not be.

4. The more complete analysis of the appearance of evil

It is worth re-examining the fact why the True God does not know evil.

First, because He did not create it. If evil came from God, it would be part of His Personality;  it would be eternal, unchangeable. And it is not. The evil was initiated by Lucifer, Adam and Eve, and all people inherited it from them. Jesus Christ knew them, of course, and we know them well today, but God does not know it.

Secondly, the absolutely good and perfect Original Being from the very foundation can have nothing to do with evil, neither before the creation of man, nor after its creation.  For Him, evil is a nothingness that is beyond Him. This is a sphere beyond His existence and action. This sphere is called hell, in which, according to the assertion of Jesus Christ, the "god of this world" rules, or Satan.  One can, therefore, call our civilization a hell, because this is what the environment under Satan's control is called.

I would like to add that the above theorem seriously changes the typical image of the omniscient Creator. To understand this situation, I will use an example of communication between the transmitter and the receiver.  Namely, it is about the operation of the receiver, which, although it receives signals from the transmitter on all possible frequencies, however, there was a frequency so unusual and unique that it cannot be picked up. This means that a certain signal from the transmitter was created on a completely different basis from those according to which the receiver was built.

This may also be the case in the case of evil, which arose completely outside the law and principles existing in the Personality of the Creator. Therefore, it could not reach Him as a recognizable phenomenon. Therefore, the Creator does not receive it and does not know it. As I wrote above, only the fact of His children's non-appearance and waiting for their return came to Him. In beyond the time and space sphere this expectation is not felt as the passage of time.

Based on the attributes of the Original Being described in this study, the shortest possible definition of evil is what is a new, alien reality, or "cancer". In this explanation, the point is not to weaken the Omniscience of God and His position as the Only Creator.  If God foresaw evil, then evil would be known to Him, and thus would be part of His Consciousness.  However, it was not.  Evil is not a mere quality or phenomenon, as there is much in the universe.  It is an absolute exception existing outside of the original universe. It is a kind of anti-reality, or a peculiarity that is absolutely beyond God and impossible to appear in His Personality. As it was described at the beginning of this study, man receives a "pure" spiritual person at his birth. It is only later that he is infected by the fallen nature inherited from her parents living in a world subordinate to Satan, or a bad nature derived from the "wrong father" of humanity. It is this fallen nature that "taught" us a picture of God, in which He is burdened with the knowledge of evil. In this way, we subconsciously accept the point of view of Satan, which is one of the basic features of fallen nature.

Fallen nature is a theological concept and should therefore be explained "religiously". At first glance, it manifests itself in the lack of direct contact with God, the inability to evaluate reality from the point of view of God, the inability to see the action of His primeval rights and principles, as well as the failure to complete the proper course of life assigned to man. It seems that it has its roots in the process of falling in Garden of Eden. Then Satan became the "father" of humanity. All his intentions, thoughts and ways of action, created in him during the fall from the state of good Archangel Lucifer to the condition of an evil being called Satan, have moved on to people. They became his heirs in the new evil kingdom called hell. The fallen nature embodied in the personality of Satan was inherited by all the spiritual persons of the people coming into the world in fallen world. It functions alongside our original nature, inherited originally from the Creator. Unfortunately, the original one did not develop enough and was drowned out by this fallen one. Religions call what happened in the Garden of Eden, the original sin, and unanimously express the conviction that this sin is inherited by all people, regardless of our will. We are just born with this stigma, which constantly manifests itself in the form of a fallen nature. Both original sin and fallen nature cannot be simply removed from human beings. Therefore, humanity needs salvation, which in a nutshell is a process opposite to the process of the first fall of people. Practically fallen nature comes from the acceptance of the lie of the "serpent" from the Garden of Eden, in which he proclaims that the Creator knows both good and evil.

Evil arose in the Adam-Eve-Lucifer triangle due to a change in the direction of love. Then a situation emerged that was incompatible with God's laws, that is, untruth, and more bluntly, lies. This lie told by Lucifer built the basis for the establishment of evil. It was like this. The truth from the Creator concerned the fact that the consumption of the "fruit" will cause death: "... you cannot eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, because when you eat it, you will surely die" (Genesis 2: 16-17). And that's what happened.  As a result of the fall, Adam and Eve died, of course only for God, but for Him it was tantamount to the full death of a man.  Lucifer defied God's truth from his words. "You will not die!  But God knows that when you eat the fruit of this tree, your eyes will open and, just as God will know good and evil "(Genesis 3: 5-6). In this Lucifer statement, there are actually two lies: the first one that they will not die and the second one that God knows both good and evil. This second lie is so pronounced that few are aware of its enormity and consequences. Almost all Christianity recognized that Lucifer was telling the truth, claiming that God knows evil. Meanwhile, Jesus had a clear opinion about Satan's statement: "From the beginning he was the assassin and he has not persevered in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he tells a lie, he speaks from himself, for he is a liar and the father of lies "(J 8, 44). That is why on many pages of this study I show that God does not know evil, and he cannot know it.  Of course, Satan would want people to say that God knows evil and that his lie would become a common truth. That it would not be so, it is worth trusting the opinion of Jesus himself instead of "accusing” God of engaging in evil and its consequences.

To examine the existence of evil, I analyzed not only the Bible, but also the Koran, read the study of the books of the Vedas, looked through Tipitaka and a number of other recognized religious books, including even the Uranti Book. I realized that in these books evil is treated as a foreignness, like something unwanted in the existing world. Sometimes evil was treated as our false image of reality or just our invention.  In the vast majority of these books evil came from some rebellious being who listened to people.  Only in a few cases did it appear in the Personality of God, but these descriptions can still be treated as the human feeling that appeared in the result of inherited fallen nature from the creator of evil.

However, from all the books describing the origin of evil, I put the Bible in the first place.  Bible speaks at a symbolic way with many events. The authors of the Bible, by creating its texts, already knew evil and they had to explain its existence somehow.  In nature there is no tree of knowledge of good and evil, so it is a symbol of some phenomenon, state or even existence. It may, for example, symbolize the state of one's imperfections, in this case Eve. It existence may also indirectly suggest that God gives people knowledge about their responsibility for their lives. Knowing that people growing up in the Garden can make decisions independent of Him, he warns them about "getting lost" and does so in the form of a ban on the consumption of "fruit". No wonder that after this "ingestion" people got lost somewhere to God and it is not without reason that he asks the famous question: "Where are you, Adam?".

Like this the sphere outside of the God’s reality was established, it means our fallen world.

For this reason, the Creator cannot interfere in our evil civilization, called hell. It is simply anti-divine. It is not difficult to answer the question why God does not interfere with evil? The answer comes naturally. God can not interfere with something that he did not create, because otherwise He would take responsibility for the fall of man and for the present world that he never had in his plans. If the perfect Original Being had joined the imperfect state of the situation, it would give it a status of perfection and this is contrary to His Principles. God does not know our fallen world and does not analyze it. In the direct sense, He is not a participant in our civilization.  We have entered the evil zone, and the Creator has lost sight of us for some time and is still waiting for us.

Of course, there is a thin thread of communication between God and people. Its level can be compared to the level of communication between Heavenly Father and    Adam in the Garden of Eden. There, in his youth, before their fall, the first son of God and His first daughter Eve stayed together directly from God. Heavenly Father is unchanging.  He does not leave His children even when they have left Him. There is still a spiritual person in the man given to him by the Creator. Its character is our original nature, it means our original personality, or the place of God's immediate presence. This is His "breath" that we receive at birth. From that moment, an eternal bond, emotional connection with the Heavenly Father begins, which serves man in the coming to perfection. Unfortunately, this original bond is now only a thin thread of communication, because after the fall of Adam and Eve, it was not duly developed.  The original nature will be in us forever, no matter how people act. We feel it most often as an act of our conscience. It is our response to the fact of the permanent duration of His laws and principles being Divine Providence and the basis for the future Kingdom of Heaven. These laws exist actively and affect our will to "return" to our Creator. Many people sense God's Providence as a Love flowing to them, which evokes in them a constant faith and hope that we will be together with Heavenly Father in His Kingdom. Unfortunately, the level of our relationship with God cannot exceed the level that took place in Garden of Eden. The will of God invariably manifests itself in the constant desire to return to the lost Kingdom of Heaven, that is, the unflagging hope resulting from the existence of the original nature received from the Creator in us. This permanent desire can be read in in the words "Thy Kingdom come, thy Will be done in earth ...".  In our world, the result of this kind of communication should be to work out the situation in which someone like Jesus Christ may appear.  Therefore, in this situation God waits for the positive results of the actions of people, angels and the Savior. For humanity, this time means a return in the reborn form of Adam and Eve to the original position that was lost in the Garden of Eden.

If God does not know evil, then one should ask how He feels the situation of people.  After all, He is the Creator of every human being by giving us a unique spiritual person at birth.  In His concept, each of us goes through physical life on Earth using this time to achieve personal maturity, or perfection intended for man. Meanwhile, we do not achieve this perfection, and in addition we inherit the "state of death" from the first ancestors of humanity. Leaving the physical sphere, we enter the spiritual sphere unadjusted to eternal life in a sphere beyond time and space. We are staying there blocked without the possibility of living in the Kingdom of Heaven, in which the Heavenly Father is waiting for us. Therefore, it must necessarily take place in the process of "salvation" understood as "repeated birth" made with the participation of "pure ancestors" of humanity, that is perfect Adam and perfect Eve.

Jesus Christ made a huge progress on the way of repairing the situation. His saving work should be described as Redemption. This means that at the expense of His physical life, as the Son of God, or Perfect Adam, He freed people from the realm of death, or from hell, and then enabled them to enter the sphere of life, in which they can begin their return to paradise. Paradise is the initial sphere of the Kingdom of Heaven, in which people, as it was the case in the case of Adam and Eve, can come to full maturity as children of God. Many people have already entered this place, actually their eternal spiritual persons. Thanks to Jesus, this process of renewal of humanity is still going on. Still, it is missing next to the Perfect Adam of the Perfect Eve. Her role in the ongoing process of salvation is fulfilled by the Holy Spirit - the alleged "partner", who is already acting only spiritually the Lord Jesus.

So God is still waiting for us.  In His Kingdom, time does not pass beyond time and space, while it is too little for us to achieve perfection.  For a sphere in which time does not pass, it does not matter if a man will reach perfection for 80 years, for 8,000 years or even 80,000 years.

5. Good and evil

Why do I say in such a decisive way that God does not know evil? Because I would like to draw attention to all those who see the problem differently. With for this reason, I still emphasize that evil is a peculiarity that exists completely outside of the Original Being, which as a cancer has entered the previously created universe, both physical and spiritual, and in practice only applies to us, our earthly civilization.

It seems that evil is a violation of God's principles and rights. This definition is not only about religion, but is used to generally define evil as a violation of established law and generally accepted moral principles. For example, breaking a constitution of a state is clearly referred to as evil. Therefore, people who break the law, whether moral, state or divine, are bad people and can be treated as criminals.

An example of an ordinary good is a hanging lamp on the ceiling and illuminating the room.  When it falls on our head, it can do evil. The chair should be used to sit, not to fall apart under a sitting person, hurting her. Therefore, one can say that good is what should or should be originally. Therefore, referring to the previous sentence, evil is what it should not be.

An excellent creator should create perfect things that reflect his skills. An excellent engineer takes into account the relevant laws of physics, creating a lamp that will never fall on our head. The accomplishment of such a creator should generate certainty that this will never happen. It will not be in the possibility that it will break off from the ceiling hook and will create a bad situation. Thus, the perfect Creator does not calculate "what if," because it would be contrary to His perfection. Therefore, it does not take into account its failure, i.e. the Creator's case of the creation of evil.

An exception is the situation when the Creator "programmatically" creates "something" imperfect, which he will not have control until the "something" reaches perfection.  Considering your "program", the Creator, as the perfect and considering all possibilities, will apply remedies in form of support for periodically immature, and created by Himself, or man. He will give him support, identify the only possible risk and wait for the man to reach a state of perfection. In this situation, He has no way of knowing what people have done, that is, evil.

The Creator bestows His universe with love, and most people. This love, which is a kind of driving force of life, leads everything to perfection, maintaining the original, good direction given to him by Him.  The Original Being is perfect and never changes its destiny. Someone who is created "in the image and likeness of God", being perfect like Him, should also not change its direction. Unfortunately, an imperfect being who is only on his way to perfection can possibly change the direction of love. Then evil appears, that is, the opposite of the established direction of love, a state incompatible with the concept of the world created by God

6. What is the evil and what are it sources?

Evil is not some of our fantasies, but something definitely substantial, that is real and concrete. I will analyze it even more accurately below, but now I have shown that evil in its nature is completely inconsistent with the original sense of human existence.

Most theologians, not only Christian ones, watch the causes of the fall of Adam and Eve in the fact of the existence of freedom in man and in the action of free will derived from it. They claim that God gave man a free will that he does not interfere in it. This means that in the Garden of Eden, God left man free choice between eating and not eating "the forbidden fruit". Because man chose to "eat the fruit" and showed disobedience to the prohibition of its consumption, it fell. Hence the conclusion that free will, or simply human freedom, led him to fall. This clearly goes against my claims that the cause of the fall was the ill-targeted power of love.  The whole argument concerning the circumstances in which Lucifer's lack of control of the desire for a higher level of love caused his fall, I included in the chapter “The beginning of evil” and on the study entitled "A touch of eternity". Below I will only provide the basic arguments explaining my point of view.

Freedom is a certain state of functioning, in other words a sphere in which a man realizing his free will moves. So it is not a force that can cause a fall. What speaks for the fact that freedom was not the cause of the fall?

First, freedom can only create a state of readiness to make a decision leading to a fall, but making this decision requires the action of force that is not in freedom.  For example, freedom can lead us to the edge of the abyss, but crossing its edge ends with freedom, because the force of gravity begins to pull a man into the abyss.

Second, the consumption of fruit by Adam and Eve was a conscious act. For God, as a caring Father, took care to explain to them the danger of the forbidden fruit. Since Adam and Eve knew that eating a fruit would bring them death, it meant committing something like suicide. That is to say, because the first people consciously made a decision against the deadly threat. Suicide is not committed, however, in a state of freedom, but in the absence of freedom, when there is no other way out of a difficult situation or no hope for any other solution.

Thirdly, since there was a type of suicide, it must have caused him a force greater than the force of life, and the only force greater than it is the power of love. I do not need to remind you how many suicides were the result of a disappointed love.

I would like to add further arguments to the defense of God, which oppose the claims that He subjected His children to trial or put them before a free choice resulting from their free will. It would look like a test of loyalty or obedience.

First, God does not test His work after creating it, because then it would mean that He is testing Himself. God is perfect and does not make mistakes, and only things that are in doubt are tested.

Second, Adam and Eve, after being created by God, were innocent and did not know evil, because they came out of the hand of a perfect God who does not know evil and did not create it. Such beings are not tested, because one would suspect evil, and this does not agree with Fatherhood and God's perfection.

Thirdly, God is All-knowing, so He does not use tests, because he would always know the results of each test in advance.

Fourthly, God, as a Loving Father, would not expose his children to a possible negative test result, the more so because this supposed test was "to death or life" ("... when you consume it, you will surely die" - Gen 2:17).  Every loving father always protects his children from the effects of any danger and does not subject them to death tests.

Finally, I will add one more remark. Many Christian theologians, explaining the fall of Adam and  Eve, claim that God gave man free will and therefore did not interfere in the temptation of Lucifer. The problem is that these same theologians, not remembering his translation of the situation in the Garden of Eden, claim that God intervenes in our fallen world, that is, influences our actions, and thus on our free will. These two statements cannot be reconciled with each other. Only a clear separation of God from evil explains the current state of the world.

These are arguments that should be taken into account when a superficial description of what happened at that time in the world created by God.

7. Spiritual death and fallen nature

Completing the analysis of the situation from the Garden of Eden, the problem of spiritual death should be clarified. The Creator's warning about the existence of the death-bearing "fruit" was actually a signal of the emergence of an extremely dangerous condition that could exist outside of God, or the state of spiritual death. Spiritual death is the exception to eternity and immortality that are derived from eternal and immortal God. He has no death in Him, so He is not the source of death. If it appeared, she certainly did not come from Him and He had nothing to do with her. In that case, in the Garden of Eden an exception was created in God's created universe, which is not only death, but also evil unknown to Him. As I wrote above, this state of death can only be ended by salvation, which in the case of an individual is a kind of rebirth. For now, this can only be done "spiritually" using the redeeming work of Jesus Christ. Then we stop being stuck in a state of spiritual death.      

How did it happen that Satan rules over people, or simply over our world?

As I wrote, as a result of the fall of the first people, a sphere functioning outside the original structure of the emerging world was created, never unplanned by the Creator. This sphere is a fallen world.  It is completely outside of God and beyond His control. So it can function in a completely different life than in the reality foreseen in the plans of the Creator.     

So, the first people as a result of the fall were like "soaked" with evil. In addition, this phenomenon is hereditary. From the first moments of the appearance of every new person in the world, something like an evil algorithm works for him. Although the spiritual person, which the Creator gives us at birth, is pure, that is, without evil, immediately after our birth, the evil algorithm creates a fallen nature in us.  

During the fall, the hierarchy of the created world was turned upside down. People adopted the concept of understanding reality from the Archangel, and rejected the concept of the Creator, because they did not implement the warning of not eating "the fruit". In this way, evil penetrated into the sphere of human personality and became the source of fallen nature, or something in the shape of a perverted character. Every day the basic trait of our fallen nature manifests itself in the frequent domination of evil over good, or in practice - lies over the truth. Unfortunately, the "father of lies" took over the power over people. All power, even the democratically elected one, has a tendency to dominate over people, to take away their freedom, to force them to follow its principles, which seldom have anything to do with the original rules of life prepared by the Creator. In the Garden of Eden, the Archangel, the servant of God and man, has unlawfully dominated over the child of God. This state has moved to our social life because there are still many tyrants, magnates or bad leaders ruling humanity, leading us to create evil even on a large scale. I will mention here only the phenomenon of Adolf Hitler. He was able to negatively influence the powerful nation to make him participate in the many atrocities of the Second World War he unleashed. There was a genocide that had never happened on this planet before.

The fall-down process has also shown that the inheritance of evil is transmitted through a sexual act which, in the Creator's original intention, was to serve something extremely different: the transfer of the heritage of good from God. Meanwhile, this act and its effects are another basic mechanism used to maintain our fallen nature. Everyone knows about sexual degeneration, about harm done by sexual cravings, about crimes and crimes against this background. Despite thousands of years of human civilization, it has never been possible to remedy this problem, which unfortunately dominates interpersonal relations. What was supposed to bring the greatest happiness and joy is now the source of constant misfortunes and tragedies. That is because the fallen nature cannot be eradicated by any teaching methods or even by means of legal coercion. Human civilization can only be remedied through the process of salvation, which every human being should understand. For now, however, our fallen nature continues to sustain the existing hell.     

You can still use another way to explain our current situation.

Satan took control of the first people, when as Archangel Lucifer raising the children of God, he wanted the highest level of love to which only they had the right, not him. This means that he has changed the direction of the power of love, which is much more powerful than the power of life. This was the beginning of death and evil. That was what meant his efficient participation in the "ingestion of fruit" in the Garden of Eden. Having the position of a teacher and educator of God's children, he used it and continued to use it to rule over people. He illegally continues the mission entrusted to him, to which he has already lost his right. Through this, however, he became a father and god for all generations of humanity. He closed people like under a "big glass shade" and wants to be absolutely omnipotent in it. In a large part of cases, its activities are effective. He stopped the spiritual development of humanity at a level no higher than the one to which the first people in the Garden of Eden arrived. Thanks to this, he still has an advantage over "his" pupils. Therefore, he rules in this "glass lampshade" and, above all, prevents people from understanding what the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in the spiritual world should look like. That is why our knowledge of spiritual phenomena is so miserable. It is in Satan's interest that God be somewhere far away from man, distant and unattainable, mysterious and incomprehensible. In addition, to make people distract from learning about God, they make constant efforts to make knowledge about God practically not develop and be hidden behind the veil of secrets, dogmas and prohibitions proclaimed by religions. It's the same with Jesus Christ. Teaching leaders of various Christian denominations removed Him from people and moved Him into inaccessible heavens, instead of letting Him accompany us on a daily basis. Because of this situation, Satan can still be very close to us. So we live under this "bowl" as in a cage, separated from God and from a good spiritual world. This is our fallen civilization.

In connection with the above conclusion, one may be tempted to say that in our world all institutions are more or less serving Satan, acting in this way to maintain his power over people. There are no exceptions. Regardless of whether it is an economic, social, political, scientific, educational or religious institution, they serve to maintain the rule of the "ruler of this world". It is particularly surprising to include religious institutions on this list, that is, churches, religious associations or religious movements. When teaching faith in God, they should constantly guard against the power of Satan who took the place of God. However, they rarely do it, as if they had something else, more important to do. It is known, however, that such a reminder of the existence of Satan is not in his interest. He constantly hides his identity and does not want religious institutions to show his ubiquity in society. So long as religious leaders do not act against their interests, their activity will not be associated with the most important task that should become their real mission. Meanwhile, their activities fill only a secondary niche in society, as if a separate place outside everyday life. They usually have nice buildings and good living conditions for clergy. This allows Satan to control these institutions, giving them the illusion that they are doing something for the sake of salvation. This routinely calms both their leaders and followers. People from time to time do some religious practices and have a calm conscience that they fulfill their duty to God. Thus, very important human activity for the restoration of the Kingdom of Heaven is directed to the side track. In addition, any deviation from such a standard is absolutely eliminated by Satan's hands. An example is Jesus himself, whose activity was primarily aimed at eliminating religious leaders in Israel at the time. If one of His apostles came to the synagogue and asked any priest whether he would follow Jesus, he would certainly receive a negative answer. This is also the case today. Orthodox religious institutions make sure that no one violates their position, especially through teaching the power of Satan and human weakness towards him. That is why the fallen world is going so long.     

Thus, Satan invariably persists invisible and as if absent from the backstage of our civilization. However, he actually has a decisive influence on the whole of our life. And being in hell is a difficult experience for most people, and sometimes even a great suffering.  

This text was made to reveal the true identity of Satan and to realize the evil that he is doing to us. The task of this text is also to make everyone aware of how the fallen nature inherited by us from him works. It has, in addition to the original, a significant impact on our behavior, views and assessment of the situation in the present world. Especially our fallen nature prevents us from properly evaluating the Creator's Personality and His activity in the universe.

8.  The problem of "repairing" the existing situation in the  light of the real existence of evil.

One of the most important topics resulting from this approach to evil is the problem of the salvation of the world. From my point of view it is clear that God cannot participate directly in this process because salvation is dealing with a bad, fallen world. God cannot repair something that He did not create and what He does not know. This fallen world is like an abyss existing beyond Him. Our human civilization, that is our hell, exists in itself, without the participation of the Creator. Hence the logical conclusion that it must be repaired without His direct participation. His presence among us ended in the Garden of Eden with the fall of the first people. However remains in our world His law and principles and their impact on man remained, which I invariably call the Providence of God. Therefore, the process of the salvation of the world must be carried out with the efforts of people, the Savior and the angels. Evil was initiated by the archangel Lucifer and his angels accompanying him, of course with the participation of people. Therefore, salvation cannot be carried out by the Creator, but by the successors of those who created evil and introduced them to our reality, that is, by people and angels.         

The most important in this respect is to understand the fact that evil has been joined to our world after the completed act of creation. Writing this study, I wanted to cut through all the divagations about God's admission of evil to the work created by Him and that it is the result of man's free will. Such theologians' ideas came from the ill-conceived assertion that God knows everything, and so He knows evil too. In fact, our Creator knows everything, but this "everything" refers to what He created. Because He did not create evil, it is beyond "everything," that is, outside of Him. The erroneous assumption of theologians means that they must create breakneck theories about the contradiction between the existence of a good Creator and the existence of evil. It is even more difficult to find a reasonable answer to the question why God has not liquidated it yet. The apogee of these theories is the assertion that the Heavenly Father, in order to abolish the evil we have done, used the crucifixion of His Son, Jesus Christ. Meanwhile, homicide is clearly defined as evil in one of His commandments. As long as we "accuse" Him for such things, it will be someone untrue, having nothing to do with the Creator of our world.        

The fundamental mistake of Christian reasoning regarding the causes of evil is the assumption that everything that people think up and then put into practice must be known to God at the same time. In my opinion, it is not. I think that people can think of and create something inconsistent with His concept of creation, something beyond Him. It is, of course, about evil. So, could the mechanism of evil creation by people and the Archangel be unknown to God? Can evil be the "product" of the evil Archangel and people and be unknown to God? Yes, it is.  

What we did was unknown to the Creator, so He could not find Adam after the fall. He could not and cannot introduce evil into His consciousness because He has no knowledge of the mechanism of its creation and implementation, which the first men and the Archangel used. He is a perfect, absolute and complete Creator. It cannot be corrected, modified or refined with new knowledge about ill that it did not have in itself. The perfect God cannot be changed by imperfect people. Our evil action can not affect Him. Evil was and remains our domain.  

Thus, evil is a unique "product" created by the Archangel, Adam and Eve, who with this "product" found themselves outside of God. Because of the creation of evil, they became different beings whom God did not create, that is, Satan and fallen people. This has already happened after the introduction of the perfect plan of the Creator concerning the future Kingdom of Heaven. In His concept of creating the world, there was no place for evil.     

If we definitively eliminate from our understanding of God all wrongly accusations incriminating Him, then we will have before us an important and true knowledge of spiritual reality. By ceasing to "accuse God" of knowledge of evil, we recover the "pure" Creator, the absolutely good and perfect Heavenly Father. Such unpolluted our knowledge of a bad Creator, we can love with a pure heart and be sure that you deal only with good and love. It becomes clear then that our earthly hell does not come from God.  Therefore, the sphere of evil that is not created by Him must someday pass away. Then it will not be evil at all, only good.

9. Consequences resulting from the claim that the True God does not know evil

To sum up the above analysis, I should answer the question: what consequences does it say that God does not know evil? The answer is: very important consequences. I give them below.

The statement that God does not know evil can be a shock for those who believe that the Creator is all-knowing, that is, that He controls the existence of all reality. Unfortunately, the range of God's omniscience reaches only to the border in which evil begins. There is only an abyss behind this border, something that cannot exist for Him.

It follows from this that, apart from God, a completely new reality, unknown to Him, arose. It is like a cancer "attached" to the original spiritual world associated with God. It's best to imagine hell. You can also imagine the "buffer" realm between this hell and God's proper reality. This is a kind of "waiting room" or "vestibule" for spiritual people who have not yet reached the appropriate spiritual level to reach the initial proper sphere of the spiritual world. As I have already written, Christianity calls this "vestibule" with purgatory, and this sphere is the "initial" paradise. It is comforting only that this evil reality is not eternal, for only what God has created is eternal.  

Another surprise may be the statement that God does not participate in the lives of people on Earth. It means that although it is, it is as if it was not there. In our world, which I have called hell, the "master of this world" still reigns, as Jesus Christ called Satan. I take it for granted that God can not engage in hell, that is, he cannot act in the same place as Satan. Therefore, God is not here with us. Assigning God participation in the life of the world under the dominion of Satan is very wrong and means a complete lack of understanding of the Creator's Personality. 

Therefore, it is good to realize that Heavenly Father does not observe our behavior, does not judge us on a regular basis and does not wait after our death with penalties for those who have done something inconsistent with His laws. He is not our caretaker or policeman, but rather a perfectly good and loving Father. Not only do we suffer in Satan's bondage, many religions "accuse God" of preparing additional punishments and sufferings for His children after the end of earthly life. One must not feel our Heavenly Father's heart to preach such ideas. All punishments and sufferings experienced after entering the spiritual world are our remorse when we realize our mistakes and sins committed in our physical life.                

Introducing to people's awareness that God knows evil is worth considering as one of the greatest successes of the "master of this world". Satan succeeded in "degenerating" in a way the image of God in the eyes of people. It happened almost in all places on the globe. The oldest tribes formed warlike gods, vindictive and standing for one's side of the conflict. The Egyptian gods, Greek or Roman, were entangled in human affairs full of evil, wrongs and false justice. The so-called tribal gods had their chosen nations, and the so-called Biblical or Quranic gods ruled people on principle (please forgive for the wording) "stick and carrot". Such "gods" have generously distributed privileges to various rulers "from God's grace", pointed out the elect who later became the object of worship, allowed burning in piles of innocent people, accepted various sacrifices for "redemption of evil deeds" and ruled everyone with the so-called "god's providence". All this, as I have emphasized earlier, is one of the main successes of the one who from the beginning – that is from the Garden of Eden, was the "father of lies".

This success of "the master of this world" has devastated, among other things, the psyche of the people of Europe, in which Christian culture has developed the most. It was here that the fighting knights wore Christian symbols on their breasts and at the same time participated in the crimes of genocide. Here, the soldiers murdered millions of innocent people, with the inscription "God is with us" on the belts. It should also be mentioned that these European "delegates" murdered most Indians in America, this time without any banners or inscriptions. If the European churches from the moment of their preaching clearly taught that God does not allow evil, and even does not know it, and if they taught that evil produce only people against God's laws, then the history of Europe could go differently. And so we continue in this part of the world, as well as in other places on our globe, the "religious" consent to destroy the good with the help of beautiful slogans or lies that really look. This also applies to acts totally contrary to the teachings of Jesus.

Particular attention should be paid to the fact that God does not know evil when analyzing the mission of Jesus Christ. This concerns the claim of Christians that God sent His Son to destroy our sins through martyrdom on the cross. Such belief is another example of a complete misunderstanding of the Creator's Personality. I must now quote the words I repeat in all my publications: "How God, the Creator of the commandment: ‘do not kill’, could he use a bloody victim, or rather murder, as a method for the salvation of the world ?! After all Jesus could not kill himself, but people had to do it. Under no circumstances can the murders of God's people be instruments in the hands of God. The idea of salvation by a blood sacrifice is a pagan character, and like everything pagan, it is very distant from God's ways of acting”.  

When I spoke with Christians in the Far East, they all emphasized the immense power of the teachings of Jesus Christ. I noticed that Christians live in such a culturally remote country, although few who could persevere with their faith an unimaginable persecution. They, however, were surprised that Christian Europe had become the source of world wars and genocide, unheard of in the world. They drew attention to the great weakness of institutional Christianity, although they did not know the cause. That is why, many years ago, I showed them during religious discussions that the spiritual weakness of Christianity results to a great extent from the fact that believers of this religion are brought up in the belief that God knows everything, sees everything and directs everything. This erroneous belief distorts the true image of the God immensely. At the same time, it underestimates the power of evil, its impact on the human psyche, and the misunderstanding of Satan's influence on humanity. Unfortunately, this wrong attitude continues to cause moral ravages among Christians, which affects the current state of Europe. Judaism, Islam and various strange religious movements, through faith that God knows evil, contribute to this moral devastation.

A practical analysis of the situation in which God is accused of the existence of evil leads to the conclusion that the fundamental source of good is being destroyed. It is necessary in a society in which good is not taught in its pure form, that is, derived from the Original Being. For none of the great religions presented in a manner independent of their dogmas something like the Constitution of God. It could clearly present God's Laws as standards of good. It would be above all a set of laws "in the image and likeness of God". Christian efforts to create it are based only on the Bible, which was formed in the circle of people who knew evil and who claimed that God knows evil. The same can be said for Islamic efforts based on the Koran. Such unilateral attempts to create this Constitution cannot bring about adequate results. Thousands of years of religious denominations have passed, and they are still struggling to distinguish between good and evil. What is the most disturbing is the fact that God is "accused" of knowing evil or admitting its existence. In this way, we will never know the True Creator. After all, He had to create His perfect laws before the creation of man and certainly within them He did not take into account the existence of such a thing as evil. The Original Being, defined in the initial part of this study, is not at all the object of interest of particular religious denominations. They are satisfied with "their gods" who know evil.

Humanity still experiences evil in the form of wars, conflicts, diseases and other misfortunes. We are surrounded by evil, hence quite often we must act badly without realizing what is the right good. We must once again say openly that religious organizations do not teach it sufficiently, and focus more on pointing out what is wrong. An example is the existence in Judaism of the Ten Commandments, which are only a set of definitions, which is evil. The actual majority of religions warns against evil and at the same time does not present sufficient standards of good. For example, few Catholic saints are unable to "cover" the wrong behavior of the clergy in a Catholic church. It is good, then, that at least they constantly admonish people not to act badly.

Christian Bible researchers (sorry for the wording) "come in", like her to the barn, and choose what they like or what they "fall into the hand". As a result, we have thousands of Christian denominations and no clear vision of God's laws that can form his Constitution.

Therefore, Christians, as well as representatives of other religions, should clearly understand that it is not God, but we, as the heirs of those who participated in the  creation of evil, we have to fix this evil. This means that angels and people led by the Son of God are responsible for the process of the renewal of the world. They should create the right conditions for Him to be born. That's what happened throughout the Old Testament period. This enabled the birth of the Second Adam - Jesus Christ who, like the First Adam, had no original sin, that is, he had no ties with evil. This should happen in our times, though one must be very careful not to "crucify" the Son of God, when He appears.     

By understanding the truth that God does not know evil, one can finally understand Jesus' words: "My God, my God, why did you leave me?" (Mt 27:46). Jesus told the truth at the time of his death. His words are an expression of feeling that God has really left Him. Before He was with Jesus all his life until Jesus decided to save mankind at the expense of his own life. This situation arose as a result the failure to fulfill the mission by John the Baptist, the lack of faith of the chosen people, the fear of the apostles, the betrayal of one of them and the denial of his closest disciple. The second Adam stood up for a direct duel with the former Archangel Lucifer alone, abandoned even by his Father. Once, the First Adam left Heavenly Father, beginning the process of evil after "losing the duel" with this Archangel. Many thousands of years later, the time has come to repair the fall of Adam and Eve. Only in this way did the Son of God, the Second Adam, be able to redeem almost the entire spiritual world without God's help. Thanks to this, He has enabled all people to break their relationship with Satan. At the same time, He could assure himself the position of the Lord of the Garden of Eden. It is only there that Heavenly Father can wait for us and for Him.     

If a religion still claims that God knows evil or allows it to exist, it impairs God with the deeds of Satan and places the Creator together with His opponent in the same place, means in our fallen world. This leads to the simple conclusion that such a religion favors Satan, supporting him in his further rule on Earth. This may lead to the suspicion that such religion is distorted by the "ruler of this world" and may indirectly support its further power. In addition, attributing to God that he constantly observes our behavior and actively influences them is what Satan does to us. It is not lawful, therefore, to "accuse" God of this.

10.  Final remarks

I know that these claims may seriously disrupt the typical belief in the presence of God in our world, and especially the previous understanding of Divine Providence. However, I set this out to stimulate people to think seriously and effectively about the world in which they live.

In this main study, my task was to prove that God - the original Being - does not know the evil. First, I used the ontological argument, demonstrating that the Perfect Creator created only good, having nothing to do with the arising, existence and operation of evil. Then I added a logical argument, claiming that the evil that appeared after the end of creation, cannot fall within the scope of the Creator's work or modify it in any way. I added a biblical argument to this, which was the most extensive here.

That's all I wanted to do in this study, presenting my views.































































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