My reality analysis

Analiza rzeczywistosci

My analysis of reality serves to create a coherent system explaining as many as possible concepts, which in sum make up the name essenceism. In this study of the great dose of subjectivism, I adopted the principle of maintaining the maximum objectivity. I try to lead them without emotions, although it is very difficult to use scientific methods in it. However, it is necessary so that it is neither a religion nor a philosophy. It is the field of nonphysical research, which is a noetics concept, but in the sense of an objective scientific study. However, I cannot present here a scientific proof for the existence of God and the spiritual world, because classical science, due to the lack of appropriate tools, cannot deal with such issues.  For this, I can present in a scientific way a logical way to understand the possibility of the Creator's existence. That is why I am preparing a set of tools that become the individual principles that make up the essenceism system. It constitute a coherent and logical set of rules adapted to study phenomena happening at the border of space-time and the sphere beyond time and space. I present it at the other chapter

In the field I present, I use not only the terms: infinity, non-locality, uncertainty, extraordinariness, but also such as: ubiquity, uniqueness, unearthness, spirituality, indifference and previously unused originality. Some of them already have their meaning in other areas of life, but I redefine their scope in the essenceism concept I use. I present its basic principles and laws at the other chapter.

On the Internet, in various fields of interest, at conferences organized by serious institutions, these topics can be discussed only within a given religion, religious organization or philosophical trend.  It is still difficult to find truly independent, free from established dogmas or unencumbered by the current concept of research leading to the confirmation of the existence of the spiritual reality and God Himself.  Because of this, it is not worth leaving them to researchers of known denominations, propagators of the idea of religious sects of dubious reputation or, worse, religious fanatics.

Essenceism is also a system that explores the lives of each of us in the dimension of eternity. It does not take into account any prejudices resulting from the widespread views.

In this text I use both the concepts of the spiritual world and the spiritual universe, and sometimes I also use the term spiritual reality. Because of the nonphysical nature of this reality, that is, its existence beyond time and space, it does not matter if I use the name world or the spiritual universe.

Why is this field of research so important? The answer should be very simple. If we understand that beyond our physical life, which is on average less than a hundred years old, there is still the second part of our life in the spiritual world that will last forever, the answer is self-evident. We have to realize that our life eternity is the most important thing for us. It's really worth knowing what rights and rules will apply in your next life. That should be the need of every human being. Of course, to learn something that is beyond time and space, use tools other than those that we use to study phenomena in the present world.  The reasoning should also be different.  This is not a typical scientific proof, but a string of thought leading to the understanding that eternity exists in us and outside of us.













 ESSENCEISM – a research system to determine the First Cause



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